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Young American Revolution (YAR), the official publication of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), is the premier publication for young libertarians, conservatives, and anti-statists of all stripes.

Each issue contains the best political, cultural, and economic writing by a rising generation of young Americans fighting the welfare-warfare state -- alongside essays and reviews by seasoned veterans of the liberty movement.

YAL understands the importance of spreading this powerful message and recognizes the opportunity for success is now. A publication written to educate and train an audience of future leaders and opinion makers is essential to our cause.

In its first year, the magazine featured interviews with Rep. Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano, as well as essays by Thomas E. Woods Jr., Glenn Jacobs, former Rep. John Hostettler, Justin Raimondo, Jack Hunter, and other leading pro-liberty voices. Young American Revolution is edited by Daniel McCarthy, former Internet communications coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and senior editor of The American Conservative.

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YAR 11

Looking ahead to Election Day, Julie Borowski's issue-by-issue comparison of presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama suggests that maybe the two options aren't all that different! This issue also includes contributions from Rep. Ron Paul, Se. Rand Paul, Youth for Paul staffer Ani DeGroot, and many more -- as well as a great interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano on drone warfare, Obamacare, and a host of other topics.

Once the eleventh issue of YAR has shipped to subscribers, a PDF of this issue will be made available online.  In the meantime, you can read a limited selection of articles below.


Do Obama and Romney both suck? by Julie Borowski
The Big Question: Do you support the use of drones to fight the War on Terror at home and/or abroad?
with answers from Rep. Justin Amash, Jack Hunter, Angela Keaton, Rep. Ron Paul, and Sen. Rand Paul
Liberty Requires Responsibility by Connor Boyack
Your Organization Is Not an Island by Brandon Cestrone 
Create Campus Coalitions by Joshua Parrish 
Can we get a little diversity up in here? by Brittany Darby 


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10 cover

Section Header 9

Liberty shouldn't be sacrificed for security, writes Senator Mike Lee, one of the tiny minority of representatives in Washington willing to stand up to the ongoing attack on our civil liberties by big government.  Sen. Lee's article is accompanied by pieces from Dr. Tom Woods, Jacob Hornberger, and many more!


The Unambiguously Libertarian Duo -- an interview with Reason's Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie by Bonnie Kristian
Prelude to a War by John Glaser 


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YAR 8 Header

Will the limited government movement be defined only by its opposition to Obama?  If not, what does it look like to consistently fight to get Washington's growth spurt under control in modern America?  Featuring an excerpt from Sen. Jim DeMint's newest book and much more, this issue is sure to make you think!


The Tea Party Budget by Matt Kibbe
A Reporter's Look at OW
S by Michelle Fields
The Evolution of Liberalism by Devon Downes
Review:  With Liberty and Justice for Some by Jayel Aheram


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Why is the federal government in so much debt -- and what can we do to fix the problem?  In this issue, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Grover Norquist, Tom Woods, and YAL members from around the country weigh in!  


My Plan to Beat the National Debt by Rand Paul
Remember to Play the Long Game
by Grover Norquist
America's International Welfare State by Wes Messamore
Social Networking for Liberty by Andrew Sharp
Book Review:  Osama bin Laden by Elliot Engstrom


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6 Header

What does it take to win the war of ideas on your campus?  Dan McCarthy has some reading suggestions to get you started.


The Original Tea Partier by Jeremy Lott
YAL Campus Roundup by Bonnie Kristian
Get Realist by Roy Antoun
Profiles in Liberty - Lawrence Reed by Trent Hill


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6 cover
Issue 5

What would a constitutionalist presidency look like? Ron Paul provides a template for his would-be administration.  


Plan for a Freedom President by Ron Paul
Minister to Liberty by Norman Horn
Right Young Things by Daniel McCarthy
Profiles in Liberty - Eric Garris by Trent Hill
Rockin' In the Free World by John Payne


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Issue 4

Are we rebuilding the wall? An in-depth look at how many points of Marx's Communist Manifesto have already become law in America, with articles by Rand Paul, Bill Kauffman, John Payne, Robert Conquest and more.

Featured Articles

Marxist America by George Hawley
Blueprint for Revolution by Steve Bierfeldt
A Life on the Right by Karen De Coster
Hollywood at War by John W. Payne
Obama's Bad Medicine by Rand Paul
The Power of Fusionism by Donald Devine

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Issue 3

Your blueprint for campus Revolution—with essays by Glenn Jacobs, Justin Raimondo, and more, plus an in-depth Judge Andrew Napolitano interview.

Featured Articles

Anarchist's Playbook by W. James Antle III
Racism, Roe, and Natural Law by Bonnie Kristian
Ayn Rand Lives by Justin Raimondo
Edmund Burke, Our Prophet by Kelse Moen


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Issue 3 cover
Issue 2

April 15, 2009 - The rise of the TEA parties, H.R. 1207 gains steam, and the liberty movement finds new life.

Featured Articles

The New Left was Right by Dylan Hales
Enemy of the State by Kelse Moen
The Trouble with Burke by George Hawley
We Don't Need Another Hero by Franklin Harris
History Lesson by Gregory L. Schneider
Who Owns You? by David Gordon
Conserving the Constitution by Mark Nugent

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Issue 2 cover
Issue 1

YAR breaks the news of Ron Paul's new book, End the Fed. Will the Ron Paul youth be the key to victory in 2012?

Featured Articles

End of Big Gov't Conservatism by W. James Antle III
Battle for America's Youth by Daniel McCarthy
God is Antiwar by George Hawley
Buchanan was Right by Jack Hunter
Where have the Peacenicks Gone? by John W. Payne
Profiles in Liberty by Trent Hill
America's First Dr. No by Dylan Hales
Don't Blame the Market by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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Issue 1 cover