Official School Recognition

Most schools have standard procedures and paperwork that needs to be completed before you can bring a new organization onto campus. The overall process for starting a new organization may vary, but here are some common requirements you should expect to run into.


It is inevitable that paperwork will need to be completed in order to get your YAL chapter started. This can all be obtained through your school’s website or by going to the respective office on campus responsible for all student organizations.

Club Constitution

Sometimes schools will require new clubs to create a club constitution to guarantee that it follows campus policies. Usually examples are available online that specify requirements, but an example constitution from the University of Washington can be found at the bottom of the page.

Faculty Advisor

In some cases you only need an advisor to sign off on the club’s spending, and in other cases they may need to get a bit more involved. If you are required to have an advisor, here are some places to start looking:

Graduate Students. If your school considers a graduate student with a research or teaching assistant-ship to be a suitable advisor, then looking there would be a good start. Seeing that YAL is targeted towards the 18-39 age range, a graduate student would be ideal since they can serve as both an advisor and a member.

Professors. If you are unable to obtain a graduate student as an advisor, then a professor is your next best option. Ask a professor with whom you have a prior relationship or does research in an area on libertarian politics, the constitution or free markets to serve as an advisor. You will be likely to find a professor with interest in the liberty movement in the following departments: Business, Economics, Political Science, or Psychology.

Student Council Meetings

It is common that representatives of school clubs need to attend student government council meetings. Make sure you have someone to act as a student government liaison. These meetings can be painful to sit through, but you need to make a good impression as these individuals will ensure your club gets funding and appropriate access to school resources.

Don’t Fret!

YAL recognizes that this initial stage in registering your chapter can be annoyingly painful, and you might worry about finding a libertarian professor at your school, but YAL National will work with you as much as you need and recognize that it may take awhile to get there. Do not let this process make you set your chapter goals aside.

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