Chapter Materials


YAL provides a variety of chapter materials to help get you started on the right foot: activism guides, downloads, and helpful websites.  

Consult the right menu navigation or the links below to take advantage of these many resources.  There are also a number of documents -- including a large version of YAL's official logo -- available at the bottom of this page.

Being involved with YAL has given me a competitive edge that I can take with me anywhere. By working to advance the ideas of liberty, I have learned how to turn ideas into action and turn passion in to results. I have also gained valuable leadership experience, including organizing events and public speaking, skills that can come in handy in virtually any field. Being a part of YAL has also given me the chance to enter a large network of positive and like-minded people, and I can say for sure I have made connections that will last a lifetime. – Angad Walia, California State Chair at YAL