2010 Spring Semester Report

Young Americans for Liberty
2010 Spring Semester Activity Report

Table of Contents

I. "I Pledge" Video
II. Recruitment Week
III. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2010)
IV. Young American Revolution, Issue 5
V. March:  End the Wars Month
VI. YAL Presents:  Freedom Watch at Ohio State University
VII. Spring Break in Kentucky
VIII. YAL Returns to Kentucky
IX. The Southern Republican Leadership Conference
X. Tax Day 2010
XI. YAL Activism Nationwide
XII. Conclusion



To start the New Year, YAL Declared War on Washington and made a statement with our own version of President Obama's I Pledge video.

This video went viral across the Internet, received thousands of views, and attracted attention from numerous media outlets and blogs.

Here is a list of sites which featured YAL's video:

To start the spring semester, YAL announced a national "Recruitment Week" and encouraged YAL chapters to recruit new students interested in the philosophy of liberty.

$150 activism grants were awarded to participating chapters to purchase supplies.  The freedom message spread like wildfire as college students were bombarded with free pocket constitutions, copies of Young American Revolution, and countless materials to educate incoming freshmen and new recruits.

Dozens of YAL chapters submitted pictures and videos from their events, as YAL members found creative, effective ways to introduce new members to liberty.  Below are a few pictures from "Recruitment Week":

image    image    image   image  image    image     image    image    image    image

Here are a handful of summaries, links, and videos from participating YAL chapters:

1. The Indiana University-Bloomington chapter won the $150 activism grant by petitioning to bring Austrian economist Tom Woods to their school, advertising throughout campus dorms and posting pro-liberty flyers all over their university.  This video documents their activities:

2. Witchita State passed out Obama-Bush flyers to promote their upcoming meeting where they screened the Ron Paul 2008 campaign documentary “For Liberty."

3. Colorado State's chapter raised money to promote their group and decry the two party system in American politics.

4. Purdue University distributed the YAL magazine Young American Revolution, YAL pocket Constitutions, and collected petition signatures near a student-frequented Starbucks.  They later screened IOUSA, a documentary which warns of our growing national debt.

5. Kansas State implemented “Freedom Fridays,” weekly activism and education events where a different libertarian policy position was promoted each week.

6. Indiana University-Kokomo ran a recruitment table using the "World's Smallest Political Quiz," a technique so popular that students lined up to get a chance to take the quiz!

7. Illinois State attracted new members with a pizza party and put them to work at a political sign wave.

8. Kansas State also used the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” to recruit new members.

9. The Ole Miss chapter's recruitment table was engaging and attractive to passing students.

10. A newly-organized chapter at Northern Iowa ran a recruitment table with a poster board sign to describe the group's vision for a free America.

11. The Ohio State chapter's well-staffed recruitment table had more than ten chapter members ready to spread the message of liberty to interested students.  Freedom is popular!

12.  Southeast Missouri State got permission from the administration to set up a YAL exhibit in the library's display case.

13. The Whatcom Community College chapter ran a very popular recruitment table!

14. A new chapter at University of Georgia conducted their first tabling effort to promote their group.  They're growing, and based on this early and effective activism, they have a bright future ahead!



CPAC 2010  was a statement event for our cause.

This is the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the country, and it defines the direction of the modern conservative movement.

YAL teamed up with Campaign for Liberty to invite thousands of volunteers and young people to let the conservative movement know that it has drifted away from principle.

For the first time, libertarians and limit-government conservatives were victorious!  Ron Paul won the 2012 Presidential Straw Poll with 31% of the vote.  The greatest vote total EVER in the 37 year history of CPAC.

CPAC Straw Poll

This very important victory could not have been possible without the generous support of YAL donors.  This is a tangible result of your support.

Watching Fox News and the political establishment squirm after this significant victory made it most rewarding.  Arch-Neoconservative, Bill Kristol, tried to dismiss the win by stating, "over half of the people at CPAC were under the age of 25."

That's right Mr. Kristol.  The youth are fired up and ready to kick your toxic philosophy out of the movement!  Not to mention, only 3% of the attendees believed fighting the war in Iraq was an important issue.

Even GOP Chairman, Michael Steele, came by our booth to apologize to Congressman Paul for his past transgressions and pick up a copy of End the Fed.  Oh, how quickly times have changed.

Ron Paul with Michael Steele
GOP Chairman, Michael Steele, holding up his signed copy of End the Fed.

The YAL booth was by far the biggest attraction in the exhibit hall.  And the reason was simple -- sumo wrestling!

YAL Spring Intern, Sam Swedberg, put on a dress and white wig to represent Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.  New recruits were encouraged to sign-up, jump in the sumo suit, and take on Janet as they wrestled Big Government.  It was the perfect gimmick to draw lots of attention.

YAL Sumo Wrestling
Janet Napolitano representing Big Government taking on We the People

Even Fox News stopped by to catch the action

Overall, CPAC 2010 demonstrated the strength and effectiveness of Young Americans for Liberty and Campaign for Liberty to mobilize young activists.

More than 50 YAL chapters were represented with over 200 YAL students in attendance; more than 3,000 copies of YAL’s magazine, Young American Revolution, were distributed; and approximately 1,200 pocket Constitutions were passed out to attendees.

At the YAL booth, 220 new members signed up; 132 pro-liberty bumper stickers were sold; and 91 t-shirts were purchased.

As the Washington Independent observed, "...the surprisingly strong result for Paul makes sense to those of us in the hall. Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty were a massive presence at this year’s CPAC, holding court in a wing of the exhibit hall and hosting overflowing satellite events..."

Needless to say, the time has come for our message and movement to take center stage.

Here's a summary of the media reports:


Articles :



The fifth issue of Young American Revolution (YAR), YAL's youth magazine, featured an exclusive article by Congressman Ron Paul, "My Plan for a Freedom President."

This article received enormous attention. The Iowa newspaper, The River Cities Reader, printed the entire article, and it was referenced across the web.

Incredibly, it was the Most Read Article on LewRockwell.com in February.

10,000 copies of the magazine were distributed to YAL chapters, members, and donors, while 3,000 copies were handed out at CPAC.

This magazine is YAL's greatest recruitment tool. It educates students and provides YAL chapters with a material to recruit new members.

Read the entire 5th issue of Young American Revolution here:

Young American Revolution Issue #5



In March 2003, the Bush administration sold the war in Iraq. 7 years later our troops are still in harms way and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

Looking back, it's amazing how far off course our foreign policy has drifted. The outright ignorance, exaggerations, and lies given by the Bush administration to justify war was nothing short of disgraceful. Now, Obama has doubled-down on the same failed policies, vowing to police the world and reshape the Middle East.

A sensible foreign policy must return to America. Our national debt has increased by trillions; our civil liberties are under assault; and most importantly, more than 6,400 Americans have lost their lives in foreign lands and another 40,000 have been wounded.

If you believe ObamaCare is scary, please look at our foreign policy since September 11, 2001.  Our government is out of control.

Needless to say, our freedoms and our future depend on an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We can no longer afford it.

End The War

YAL members and chapters recognize these ongoing dangers, and more than 20 YAL chapters took to their campuses to "Petition to End the War" in March.

Students passed out educational materials, raised awareness on campus, and collected petitions to send to their representatives.

Young people are waking up and realizing there was no change from Bush to Obama. For the first time, many liberal students are starting to understand a pro-free market, pro-small government message is the only path to peace.
Petition to End the War Contest

YAL Chapters
Throughout March, YAL chapters competed among themselves to collect petition signatures and raise awareness on campus.  Chapters were encouraged to record videos, take pictures, and write a report summerizing their event.  Pictured above are the university logos of all participating chapters.

Here are the contest winners!

First Place:  YAL @ University of California-San Diego

On March 31st, YAL at the University of California-San Diego held their "End the War" petition drive.  Their chapter honored our fallen troops with a war memorial, and students flocked to their display.  Pages of petitions were signed to put an end to the wars.

Their list of signatures, all-day commitment, and high-quality video earned them FIRST prize!  They earned a signed poster by Congressman Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and Tom Woods along with 3 YAL t-shirts.

Please take a moment to watch their winning submission:
Second Place:  YAL @ University of Central Florida

On March 31, young liberty activists from the University of Central Florida came together to raise awareness about our never changing Foreign Policy and the need to return to non-Interventionism.  A memorial was erected to honor all of the American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a strong case was made to shift U.S. foreign policy.

For second prize, they will receive pro-peace t-shirts, a picture signed by Ron Paul, and assorted bumper stickers.

Here is their very powerful video:

Third Place (tie):  YAL @ St. Cloud State and Wake Forest University
After the school administration tried to shut them down, the YAL chapter at St. Cloud State University fought for their right to free speech and hosted one of the most successful events.  Their chapter managed to collect more than 250 signatures in support of H.R. 248 - to present to our Representative, Michele Bachmann - and increased their membership by 50% in a single day!

YAL @ St. Cloud
On March 20, YAL @ Wake Forest University honored the troops we have lost these past seven years. Their activism gave students an opportunity to witness the impact of war on our generation -- 6,420 American troops, many our age, have lost their lives in the Middle East wars.

Watch as they informed and recruited young students to our message of peace:

Wake Forest Names

For third prize, each chapter will receive a signed Ron Paul photo and assorted bumper stickers.

Summary of all YAL chapters

Here are the highlights and reports from other participating chapters in this month's national activism event. These YAL chapters are, by far, the most active groups on their campuses and should be commended for their efforts and dedication.  All of their events were impressive. Here are some notable mentions:

Pictures from campuses across the country:

YAL @ University of Idaho

YAL @ Wichita State

Mississippi    YAL @ Illinois State    image    image       




YAL at Ohio State University had the priveledge to host Freedom Watching with Judge Andrew Napolitano and Congressman Ron Paul.  The show was broadcasted live from Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH.


The SOLD OUT show rocked the Ohio State campus. The line to get into the concert hall filled the street further than the eye could see!


You can watch the entire show here, including Ron Paul's thrilling speech.

Recording artist, Jordan Page, played a live performance to energize the crowd.  Please check out his music as he is one of our most talented musicians.



Young Americans for Liberty recruited, trained, and mobilized more than 100 youth activists to sacrifice their Spring Break and campaign for freedom in Kentucky.

These students are some of our best activists, so it's no surprise many of them were hired for jobs on the spot -- and more than 40 expect to join campaigns this summer. 

The top-notch political training attendees received was made possible only by YAL donors.  YAL is building a youth movement of trained activists ready to organize and win on principle. Thank you for sponsorsing a student and advancing our mission in Kentucky.

Kentucky Training

Here are key statistics from Spring Break in Kentucky:

  • 101 total attendees
  • 71 different schools represented
  • Students from 30 different states
  • Average age:  23 years old
  • Youngest attendee:  16 years old

After two long, information-packed days in the classroom, spring break students were encouraged to volunteering for the candidate of their choice.

Most students chose to volunteer for Senate candidate, Dr. Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son who overwhelmingly won the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky. 

image  YAL students smile for the camera at a meal in Kentucky.

 More pictures of YAL students' time in Kentucky are available at the FreedomWorks blog here and YAL's Flickr page.



In May, YAL returned to Kentucky to host 10 days of civics education for liberty-minded young people.  After training in the morning, students were once again free to campaign for the candidate of their choice.

It goes without saying attendees made a direct impact in Kentucky.   In fact, some of the top graduates were offered jobs and internships on pro-liberty campaigns and initiatives across the country.

Street Signs

Kentucky, Take 2

Rand Paul Signs



Following his straw poll victory at CPAC, Ron Paul took second place -- missing first by only one vote -- in the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SLRC) in April.  Working with Campaign for Liberty, YAL helped make this second achievement possible.

Thanks to two generous donors, YAL was able to offer students free tickets to the event and a number of scholarships for travel expenses.

image    image    image    image


Members from Ole Miss and Virginia Commonwealth University made videos about their experiences at SLRC.

Ole Miss:

Virginia Commonwealth:



On Tax Day, April 15, the youth took action to raise awareness, educate their classmates, and speak out against the growth of government.

YAL members understand that our generation will bear the greatest burden for our government's reckless, wasteful spending.

Tax Day

TEA Party in DC

In Washington, DC, Congressman Ron Paul addressed a cheering crowd of more than 10,000 people in front of the White House.

Introduced as a "friend of limited government" who has "spent decades fighting big government without exception," Congressman Paul fired up the crowd with a call to "End the Fed...along with the IRS!"

In case you missed it, you can watch his powerful speech:

After his speech, YAL staff met with Congressman Paul to take pictures and share stories.  There is a revolution in this country, and YAL is proud to be a part of it!

Tax Day 8

YAL Chapters at TEA Parties Nationwide

Tax protests weren't limited to DC.  Across the country, YAL chapters joined TEA party protests to speak out.  Here are video reports from several campuses:

YAL at Auburn University created a giant national debt clock in the middle of campus.

YAL at University of Indiana-Bloomington's chapter president, Sam Spaiser, was covered by the Herald Times Online.

YAL at UCLA spoke with students on campus about the mounting national debt.

Tax Day 7    Tax Day 4    Tax Day 5    Tax Day 6        

Tax Day 3

Click here for all of the reports from participating YAL chapters.  Here are a few specific highlights:

1. Arizona State University joined their local TEA Party.

2. Auburn University YAL created a 44-foot long display of the national debt.

3. Bloomsburg University's chapter has a great video documenting their activism.

4. A Case Western University chapter member addressed the local TEA Party (more here).

5. Colorado State University YAL made it into the campus newspaper.

6. Dixon High School's chapter held its own TEA Party and recieved considerable local media attention.

7. Florida State University sent in several good pictures of their Tax Day event.

8. At Ohio State University, liberty-minded musician Jordan Page headlined a Tax Day event.

9. Idaho University YAL members joined a nearby TEA Party protest.

10. Indiana University-Bloomington made it into the news (more here).

11. At St. Cloud State University, YAL members held a TEA Party on campus.

12. SUNY-Buffalo students also protested right on campus, sure to get the attention of fellow students.

13. University of California-Los Angeles focused on the national debt in their well-done video.

14. YAL at University of Alabama-Huntsville donated copies of the Constitution to a local TEA Party group.

15. University of Iowa YAL was covered by campus media.

16. YAL at the University of Washington rallied both on and off campus!

17. Here's a great speech from the University of Rochester.

18. Wake Forest University's chapter traveled to Greenville to protest with former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

19. Youngstown State University's co-hosted TEA Party made it into the campus paper.

20. Purdue University students sent in a video discussing their Tax Day plans.



Many active YAL chapters took the initiative to organize their own events and activism projects on their campuses and communities.  These unique, grassroots projects are especially effective due to their local focus and student-led ingenuity.

Here are a few pictures and stories of the top activism events from the spring:


image    image    image    image    image    UTSA    image    image   image    image

Students dunk Obamacare.

There were to many fine examples of independent student activism to include here.  Documented below is a limited selection of the most outstanding YAL activism reported in Spring 2010:

1. The University of South Carolina chapter protested Ben Bernanke as commencement speaker:

2. Not content simply to protest unjust government, several liberty-minded young people took matters into their own hands in spring 2010 and announced their candidacies for office. One 19-year old already won his race:  Inspired by Ron Paul, he is now mayor of his town of 8,000.

3. UTSA YAL protested a compulsory university "green fee."

4. Indiana University-Bloomington YAL was unfairly denied funds to bring Tom Woods to campus.   Woods responded to the university's ridiculous reasoning, and the students took action to raise money on their own.  They'll successfully host Dr. Woods this fall.

5. YAL at Loyola University in Maryland hosts Ron Paul (more here).

6. Washington University of St. Louis chapter member Jonathan Burns lead the St. Louis Tea Party and a new group dedicated to stopping a local tax increase.

7. Purdue YAL hosted a concealed carry debate.

8. The University of New Hampshire chapter hosted former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

9. Florida State YAL had a busy semester:  They hosted book reviews, economics lectures, Tom Woods, and speakers from FIRE, Cato, and LEAP!

10. Ron Paul's Wake Forest speech in April 2009 was named the best event on 2009 by Students for Liberty.

11. YAL members from the University of Wisconsin-Madison tabled at Campaign for Liberty's 2010 Wisconsin Regional Convention.

12. Ohio State made a short documentary, "The Day the Constitution Died," and recruited at their student activity fair.

13. Chapters at Ohio State and the University of Cincinnati joined the Ohio Liberty Council to propose an amendment to Ohio's constitution which would nullify Obamacare inside Ohio's borders.  The project hasn't been without its difficulties, but it has garnered considerable media attention both in the campus paper and in local news outlets.  YAL students helped collect the more than 5,000 signatures needed to petition the Ohio Attorney General to put the amendment on the ballot.  The coalition continues to lobby for the amendment.

14. UW-Madison created an excellent national debt display for their campus.

15. Ferris State YAL members made a video to promote YAL and explain their involvement in their local chapter:

16. At UC-San Diego, YAL members from the local campus chapter joined with students from San Diego State University and California State-San Marcos to hold a protest of Obamacare.  One student said of the event,

The protest was a success. We showed La Jolla that not all young people support this bill, big government, and corporatism. And, I hope, we showed our parents' generation that they are enslaving us into a world of debt and we want none of it.

17. A "Death of the Dollar Vigil" was held at Indiana University-Kokomo.

18. At Western Michigan University, YAL members joined with another student group to set up a dunk tank for politicians who supported Obamacare.  Students dressed as Harry Reid and Bart Stupak were dunked by enthusiastic participants while YAL members distributed information about the nightmare of government-run health care.

19. Illinois State created a video to discuss how the Obama Administration has largely continued the Bush Administration's failed policies:

They used handouts based on flyers the YAL national staff designed and distributed to recruit new members and highlight similarities between President Obama and his predecessor.

20. The 18-year old president of YAL's chapter at the University Alabama-Huntsville, James Lomax, is running for City Council in Huntsville.

21. Youngstown State's chapter hosted speakers from Ohioans for Open Carry and protested a local gun ban.   They were met with opposition from city bureaucrats but eventually succeeded in getting the gun ban repealed!

22. The University of Washington chapter researched political donations for their school's faculty and discovered that 96% of presidential campaign contributions went to the Democrat Party.

23. The University of Iowa chapter hosted a candidate forum for Congressional District 2 (more here, here, and here).

24. The University of Central Florida petitioned for S. 604, the Audit the Fed bill in the Senate.

25. Appalachian State hosted a screening of IOUSA:



Wow.  I'm simply amazed at how far YAL has come in such a short amount of time.

As you can see, your contribution to YAL has gone far. Every dollar donated goes directly to recruiting, organizing, and mobilizing this youth movement for liberty. With out your support none of this would be possible.

On behalf of the 150 active and forming YAL chapters and thousands of YAL members, THANK YOU.

Please continue to support YAL and our enduring efforts to restore the constitutional republic.

For liberty,
Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S. -- Check out YAL's Fall 2010 Semester Report to see what we did the rest of the year!