YAL Semester and Annual Reports


Since we were founded in 2008 -- YAL has continued to have exponential growth in almost every aspect of our organization. At the wrap of each event or semester we create reports to showcase the impact this growth is having both on and off campus.

Find below our reports for various events, activism projects, and semesters from throughout the years.

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2016 End of Year Report

2016 End of the Year Report

The comprehensive report of YAL's growth and activism in 2016.



2015 End of the Year Report

The comprehensive report of YAL's growth and activism in 2015.


2015 State Convention Report

A look inside of 12 State Conventions and over 2,000 leaders YAL trained across the country.


2015 National Convention Report

A video and infographic report of YAL's largest event of 2015 that brings together our top leaders.



2014 Spring Report

The comprehensive report of YAL's growth and activism in 2014.


2014 Constitution Week Report

Bringing a constitutional message to a record 227 campuses in 48 states.



2014 State Convention Report

12 YAL State Conventions were held to train, educate, and network local activists all across the country.



2014 National Convention Report

The 6th annual YAL National Convention brought together 325 top youth leaders from more than 220 campuses representing all 50 different states.



2013 End of the Year Report

The comprehensive report of YAL's growth and activism in 2013.



2013 Constitution Week Report

Our biggest Constitution week ever. 182 YAL chapters participated and highlighted the 1st Amendment by building “Free Speech Walls” on campus. 



2013 Spring Semester Report

The Spring semester started strong with Free Markets 101. 136 YAL chapters participated to educate fellow students about true economic freedom, debunking the myths of socialism, cronyism, and wealth redistribution. Thousands of new recruits joined our chapters and discovered free-market ideas for the first time.



2013 State Convention Report

YAL hosted 10 State Conventions all across the country for the first time ever. We partnered with state and national organizations to bring a one-day campus event designed to build stronger state networks, advance our activists' knowledge and skills, and inspire attendees to their best activism yet.



2013 National Convention Report

The 5th annual YAL National Convention was a success. 303 top Youth leaders came from more than 200 college campuses representing 46 different states which included four days of intense training from July 31- August 3.



2012 End of the Year Report

The comprehensive report of YAL's growth and activism in 2012.



2012 Constitution Week Report

From September 17 to 24, 103 YAL chapters nationwide introduced a new generation to our founding document -- the U.S. Constitution. YAL's Constitution Week 2012 was our largest week of chapter participation in our history, reaching quite literally tens of thousands of young people with our message of liberty and limited government.



Government Gone Wild

YAL chapters nationwide are called to join together for our March national activism project titled, "Government Gone Wild: Spring Break with the TSA" to inform fellow students about their rights before they travel or get pulled over by the police.



2012 Spring Semester Report

In the Spring of 2012, our success continued, as we saw record growth and activity in all aspects of our mission:  To identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle." Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.



2012 National Convention Report

At the 4th annual Convention, YAL trained 267 young activists from 185 different schools. There were four days of intense training from July 25-28th.



2011 End of the Year Report

The comprehensive report of YAL's growth and activism in 2011.



Campaign Boot Camps

Young Americans for Liberty hosted 10 Campaign Bootcamps in key states across the country, bringing our training total to 826 grassroots activists prepared to fight for victory in 2012.





Constitution Week 2011 Report

77 YAL chapters worked double-time to make sure their campuses understood the importance of free speech and the Constitution! Constitution Week was held September 17-24, YAL encouraged chapters to build "Free Speech Walls" to highlight one of our most important liberties secured by the First Amendment.



Fall 2011 Recruitment Drive Report

Young Americans for Liberty chapters hit the ground running this fall, kicking off the semester with a month of recruitment activism!  126 YAL chapters recruited more than 430 students as dues-paying members of YAL throughout the Recruitment Drive, and thousands more signed up to learn more and get involved with the YAL chapters on their campuses.



Spring 2011 Visualize the Debt Report

At the beginning of March, YAL announced "Visualize the Debt" -- a nationwide effort to inform college students about the dangers of our national debt, recruit new members to our network, and earn media attention to raise awareness. As a result of the hard work and activism, 78 YAL chapters in 32 states took action.



2011 National Convention Report

The 2011 YAL National Convention was an exclusive, invitation-only, 5 day event in Arlington, VA. 234 YAL member applied, and a total of 133 activists from 101 schools in 35 states were accepted – nearly twice as many as the two previous years combined.



Constitution Day 2010

On September 17, 2010, more than 40 Young Americans for Liberty chapters took action to celebrate the principles established in our founding document. The creativity of these young activists was impressive. From 17-foot long Constitutions, to constitutional gorillas, to speakers and education, Constitution Day 2010 was a success.



Six State Campaign Plan

The 2010 election cycle was a key time for the advancement of liberty, and we made real progress! “Historic” does not even begin to explain what just happened. It was the first step in an entire change of direction for our country, but only if you and I remain committed to our principles and engaged in the political process. YAL recruited, trained, and mobilized 343 youth activists during the election season.


Petition to End the War

YAL members and chapters recognize these ongoing dangers, and more than 20 YAL chapters took to their campuses to "Petition to End the War" in March. Students passed out educational materials, raised awareness on campus, and collected petitions to send to their representatives.



Tax Day Tea Party

On Tax Day, April 15, the youth took action to raise awareness, educate their classmates, and speak out against the growth of government. YAL members understand that our generation will bear the greatest burden for our government's reckless, wasteful spending.



2010 National Convention Report

YAL's second annual National Convention can only be described as a smashing success. This incredible conference was held from August 12-15 at the Leadership Institute's training headquarters in Arlington, VA.  A grand total of 70 youth activists attended, representing 51 colleges in 27 states.



2009 End of the Year Report

In its first year, YAL's National Field Program started over 150 chapters on high school and college campuses. Thousands of youth activists joined our efforts to promote constitutional principles on campus and within the political process. If 2009 was any indication, the youth movement for liberty is fed up with the growing debt, endless wars, and loss of civil liberties.


Real Change Requires Revolution

YAL’s first nation-wide activism event included 43 YAL chapters taking a stand against President Obama's policies from day one.  YAL members knew Obama's promise of change was false and genuine change in Washington D.C. required peaceful, political revolution.


2009 National Convention Report

The first annual YAL National Convention held in Arlington, VA, July 30 – August 2, brought together the top youth activists in the country to train in campus activism and campaign management.