2009 End of Year Report

YAL National Convention Photo

2009 YAL National Convention attendees with Ron Paul

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On December 2nd, 2008, Congressman Ron Paul endorsed Young Americans for Liberty as the youth organzation to continue his Students for Ron Paul effort.  With his support, YAL launched to train, educate, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle."

In its first year, YAL's National Field Program started over 150 chapters on high school and college campuses.  Thousands of youth activists joined our efforts to promote constitutional principles on campus and within the political process.

If 2009 was any indication, the youth movement for liberty is fed up with the growing debt, endless wars, and loss of civil liberties.  Now, a generation of leaders is ready to mobilize and fight for the American Republic in 2010.

To recap YAL's events, stories, activities, and successes from this past year, David Hoyt and Jeff Frazee have prepared a comprehensive End of the Year Report to show you the fruits of your support in 2009.  These are the highlights from the past year.  Please know that none of these accomplishments would have been possible without your contribution.  We are extraordinarily grateful.

For liberty,

Frazee Sig
Jeff Frazee
Executive Director

Hoyt Sig
David Hoyt
Director of Development

I.  National Field Program

YAL's National Field Program is the backbone of the youth movement for liberty.  This is the network of YAL members and chapters that recruits, organizes, and rallies around YAL's mission and statement of principles.

Two primary goals for the National Field Program in 2009 were met and exceeded:

  • Goal: Start 100 YAL chapters.  End of year: Over 150 active or forming YAL chapters on high school and college campuses.

YAL Chapter 2009

  • Goal: Recruit over 1,000 dues-paying YAL members.  End of the year: 1,433 total dues-paying members.
YAL Membership 2009

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II.  National Activism Events
During the school semester, every month YAL chapters host a National Day Activism on their campus to recruit more members, educate their classmates, and earn media attention.
In 2009, YAL chapters participated in six (6) national events.  Your support enabled YAL's national office to assist each chapter with materials, sample press releases, and advice to host an effective event.  Here are summaries of all six events in chronological order.

1.  Real Change Requires R3volution -- Barack Obama's Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009


Real Change Logo

YAL’s first nation-wide activism event included 43 YAL chapters taking a stand against President Obama's policies from day one.  YAL members knew Obama's promise of change  was a false flag and genuine change in Washington D.C. required peaceful, political revolution.
YAL's national office assembeled 43 boxes of materials to mail to participating chapters.  Your support provided the funding to mail each chapter a box and hold a successful event.
YAL staff assembling all 43 boxes mailed to YAL chapters for the Real Change Requires R3volution activism event
YAL at University of Texas recruiting and educating students
YAL at Indiana University

Media appearances from YAL chapters:

A full report of the Real Change Requires R3volution event can be found here.

2.  CPAC 2009 - February 26-28, 2009

The largest annual gathering of conservative political activists generally disappoints true fans of freedom. In 2009, however, YAL and Campaign for Liberty made headlines by showing up with the most volunteers and demonstrated our message as a force in the conservative movement.


3. Tax Day Tea Party - April 15, 2009

April 15th, Tax Day, motivated thousands of TEA party activists to rally against taxes, bailouts, and government spending.  YAL led the student effort and took to the campuses and city hall.  To organize students and groups, YAL created the website TaxDayCoalition.com.  Thousands of activists signed up and protested across the country.

Tax Day Coalition

Check out the videos from YAL chapters:

YAL @ UW-Madison Tea Party Preperation

YAL @ Indiana University Tea Party

YAL @ UW Tax Day Documentary

Top stories from YAL Tax Day Protest:

YAL @ University of Wisconsin - Madison

Wake Forest YAL
YAL @ Wake Forest University

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4.  Constitution Day - September 17, 2009

Constitution Day was Thursday, September 17, 2009
.  Thanks to your investment, YAL chapters distributed custom-designed pocket Constitutions, hosted speakers, and spread the Constitutional message on campuses across the country.

48 boxes filled with YAL Pocket Constitutions were mailed to every YAL chapter participating in the day’s events.

 Activism Kit Boxes image

The beautifully designed pocket Constitutions were created with your support.  Every copy included a foreword by Congressman Ron Paul, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation.

Constitution Day was our largest national event to date!

Here are a few of photos from YAL chapters on Constitution Day:

Indiana Table  Indiana Table2  University of Wisconsin Table  University of Cincinnati  Ohio State  Ohio State2  Rutgers  Rutgers2

Here are a few videos from YAL chapters:

UW Madison Video
University of Wisconsin - Madison tables on campus

Rutgers Video
Rutgers University activism on Constitution Day

Indiana Video
Indiana University Call Out Meeting before Constitution Day

Here is a listing of more YAL chapter that participated in Constitution Day [via Campus Reform]:

Restoring the U.S. government to its constitutional restraints is what this country needs.  On September 17th, YALchapters brought the Constitution back to campus and educated thousands.

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5. 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall - November 9, 2009

On November 9th, 18 YAL chapters participated in a national day of activism to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Across the country students asked, "Are we rebuilding the wall... In America?" and protested our country's steady slide towards statism.

Berlin Wall Logo

Thanks to the generous support from over 60 contributors, YAL chapters received $100 activism grants to build a wall on their campus.

As a result, this event earned more media coverage than any other to date!  Over 40 news stories from newspapers, television outlets, blogs, and radio stations covered YAL chapters.

Pictures from the day's events can be found by visiting our Flickr page here.

We also awarded the three YAL chapters with prizes as a result of their activism:

  1. First place received a $500 activism grant for a future event, and the winner is the YAL chapter at Washington University in St. Louis.
  2. Second place received 3 signed copies of Ron Paul's Audit the Fed, and it was a tie between YAL at St. Cloud State University and Indiana University at Kokomo.

YAL at Wash U built a soviet-style gulag in the middle of campus to demonstrate the dark-side of communism. It didn't take long before the university administration shut them down because they didn't have "approved tools." Unbelievable!

Listen to Jonathon's firsthand account of the administration's actions in the video below. These are the battles YAL chapters face every day:


Due to the administration's actions, the local media was all over their story. Even investigative video journalist James O'Keefe of recent ACCORN fame, covered the gulag at Wash U.

image  image
For more coverage of all the day's events check out the posts on the YAL blog tagged "Berlin Wall" and other info can be found at CampusReform.org. Displayed below are some of the best photos and links to YouTube videos from YAL chapters' Berlin Wall events.

St. Cloud State University [YouTube Video]
image  image

Indiana University at Kokomo [Youtube Video]
image  image

Wichita State University [YouTube Video]
image  image

Clemson University
image  image

Rutgers University
image  image

Case Western Reserve University [Youtube Video]
image  image

University of California - San Marcos [Youtube Video]
image  image

Thanks again to the YAL chapters and donors that made this event a success. Your actions and support keep the liberty message strong and growing amongst America's youth. No longer does the Left have a monopoly of ideas on campuses.

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6. End the FED

In October, 15 YAL and C4L members dropped off 160,000 petitions on Capitol Hill urging Members of Congress to sign on to Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill.  It has worked!  Currently, there are 317 Members co-sponsoring the bill and it has already been approved in committee.

Hauling Boxes of Petitons to Office Buildings  Placing 41,00 Petitions in Nancy Pelosi's Office

YAL Interns dropping off 160,000 signed petitions on Capitol Hill

Keep contacting your representatives and tell them to cosponsor the bill.  If they have already cosponsered the bill ask them to push it to a roll call vote.

Find your representatives here.

Additionally, YAL chapters are educating their peers about the dangers of the Federal Reserve and informing them about our effort to pass HR 1207. Here are a few stories from the front lines:

The YAL chapter at Case Western Reserve University takes on the Fed.

7. Individual YAL Chapter Highlights

YAL strives to develop youth activists into the leaders of tomorrow.  In addition to the National Days of Activism, many YAL chapters took the intiative to address local issues and promote the Constitution in their own way. Here is a small sample of the countless stories from YAL chapters:

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II. Ron Paul & Tom Woods on Campus

1. Ron Paul at Wake Forest University

The YAL Chapter at Wake Forest University hosted Congressman Ron Paul at Wait Chapel on April 20, 2009.  Congressman Paul spoke to a packed auditorium of 1,300 students and supporters.


The Winston-Salem Journal covered the event and YAL filmed a video of all the behind the scenes action.


2. Student Town Hall w/ Rep. Ron Paul and Rep. Michele Bachmann

The YAL Chapter at the University of Minnesota held a Student Town Hall at Northrop Auditorium on September 25, 2009. Over 2,200 students and supporters were in attendance and all the major local media outlets covered the event.


Watch the entire event at the YAL YouTube Channel.


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3. Ron Paul at the University of South Carolina

Following Lindsey Grahman's comments suggesting "the Repulican Party is not the Ron Paul party", over 1,500 students and supporters came out to the University of South Carolina to hear Congressman Paul speak.

Congressman Paul's speech was titled "The Politics of Tolerance". You can watch it here:


4. Ron Paul at Iowa State University

The YAL Chapter at Iowa State University and the Iowa Campaign for Liberty hosted Congressman Ron Paul's first trip back to Iowa since his presidential campaign.  The turnout was more than expected!  Over 1,100 students and supportes packed the auditorium and overflow room.

Watch Congressman Paul's speach here:


5. Ron Paul at Arizona State University

The YAL Chapter at Arizona State University hosted Congresman Ron Paul on December 4, 2009.  Over 2,000 students and supporters attended the event. The local media was sure to cover the story.


More pictures are available here.

6. Tom Woods at the University of New Hampshire

Author, American historian, and Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, Tom Woods, spoke at the University of New Hampshire along with Scott Horton as part of YAL @ UNH's Revolution Week on campus.

You can watch the event here:


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III. Training


1. 2009 YAL National Convention

The first annual YAL National Convention held in Arlington, VA, July 30 - August 2, brought together the top youth activists in the country to train in campus activism and campaign management.

A FULL REPORT of the 2009 YAL National Convention can be found here.

Here are a few of the accomplishments from six of the attendees.

As part of the YAL National Convention, attendees collected signatures to petition Congress and stop national healthcare.  It didn't take long until the SWAT team arrived to put a stop to our freedom of speech.


2.  Youth Leadership School

YAL Chapters are encouraged to host and/or attend a Youth Leadership School.  Every weekend the Leadership Institute travels to a different campus in the country training youth activists the nuts and bolts of politics.

In 2009, over 100 YAL members attended a Youth Leadership School.  Travel scholarships were awarded to top activists to cover their transportation expenses.


3.  Campaign for Liberty Regional Conferences

YAL's sister organization, Campaign for Liberty, held Regional Conferences feature top-flight philosophical and political training.  YAL’s donors provided student scholarship for many of these students to attend.

RP Ole Miss
Ron Paul with the Ole Miss YAL chapter at the Missouri Regional Conference


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IV. Young American Revolution

Young American Revolution (YAR), the official publication of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), is the premier publication for young libertarians, conservatives, and anti-statists of all stripes.

Each issue contains the best political, cultural, and economic writing by a rising generation of young Americans fighting the welfare-warfare state -- alongside essays and reviews by seasoned veterans of the liberty movement.

YAL understands the importance of spreading this powerful message and recognizes the opportunity for success is now. A publication written to educate and train an audience of future leaders and opinion makers is essential to our cause.

In its first year, the magazine has featured interviews with Rep. Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano, as well as essays by Thomas E. Woods Jr., Glenn Jacobs, former Rep. John Hostettler, Justin Raimondo, Jack Hunter, and other leading pro-liberty voices. Young American Revolution is edited by Daniel McCarthy, former Internet communications coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign and senior editor of The American Conservative.

Please subscribe to Young American Revolution by supporting YAL with a $50 donation or joining YAL as a dues paying member.

Issue #1

YAR Cover #1:

Exclusive Interview with Congressman Ron Paul:

Featured Articles
End of Big Gov't Conservatism
by W. James Antle III
Battle for America's Youth by Daniel McCarthy
God is Antiwar by George Hawley
Buchanan was Right by Jack Hunter
Where have the Peacenicks Gone? by John W. Payne
Profiles in Liberty by Trent Hill
America's First Dr. No by Dylan Hales
Don't Blame the Market by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Issue #2

YAR #2 Cover:

YAR 2 Cover

Featured Articles:
The New Left was Right
by Dylan Hales
Enemy of the State by Kelse Moen
The Trouble with Burke by George Hawley
We Don't Need Another Hero by Franklin Harris
History Lesson by Gregory L. Schneider
Who Owns You? by David Gordon
Conserving the Constitution by Mark Nugent

Issue #3

YAR #3 Cover:

YAR 3 Cover

Featured Articles
Anarchist's Playbook by W. James Antle III
Racism, Roe, and Natural Law by Bonnie Kristian
Ayn Rand Lives by Justin Raimondo
Edmund Burke, Our Prophet by Kelse Moen


Issue #4

YAR #4 Cover:

YAR 4 Cover

Featured Articles:
Marxist America by George Hawley
Blueprint for Revolution by Steve Bierfeldt
A Life on the Right by Karen De Coster
Hollywood at War by John W. Payne
Obama's Bad Medicine by Rand Paul
The Power of Fusionism by Donald Devine

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V. Young Americans for Liberty Staff

It is with your support, YAL is able to hire full-time employees, part-time staff, and interns.  YAL started with $25,000 in seed money from the Campaign for Liberty and a volunteer staff of four.  Jeff Frazee, Chris Robertson, Jeff Hubbard, and Tim Schumann rented a home in Arlington, VA to continue the youth R3volution.


Since then, your support afforded YAL the opportunity to open an official office and hire two full-time employees, five part-time staffers, and seven interns.


A full list of YAL's staff can be found at the organizational structure page.


VI. Conclusion


In 2009, Young Americans for Liberty proved the youth movement inspired by the Ron Paul 2008 campaign is here to stay.  Over 150 active and forming YAL chapters sprouted up on high school and college campuses across the country last year and thousands of young people joined YAL.

This End of the Year Report summerizes YAL's major events and reflects back on its first year in operation.

Most importantly, please know that none of these accomplishments would have been possibile without your generousity.  These are the fruits are your support.  YAL is building a sustainable youth movement for liberty that is committed to restoring the American Republic.

This upcoming year is an election year and has great promise.  With your continued support, there is no doubt YAL will stomp out statism on campus and in Washington, DC.

To conclude, I've included an email I received from a YAL member earlier this year.  This is just one of the many members whose lives have been transformed by YAL.

I want to thank every one of you who has recently helped the YAL MTSU chapter.  This little email cannot come close to expressing the gratitude and respect I have for LI [Leadership Institute] and YAL.

The past weekend at the YLS [Youth Leadership School] was invaluable.  The training and ideas we received are getting put to use right now – our new Faculty Advisor is going to submit a press release in the school newspaper announcing YAL MTSU!  I’ll send you guys a copy. 

Because of the avalanche of books you all have been giving us, we are going to start our own YAL Library!  Collectively (dare I use that word?! ha!) we now have over 20 books and plan to make them available to all members .  When I work out the details on that I’ll let you know in case it turns out to be something other groups could benefit from. 

Jeff and Ed, the YAL Pocket Constitutions look amazing.  I think they are the best looking out of all of the different ones.

I look forward to visiting the HQs in Arlington sometime soon.

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