YAL @ CU Protests the TSA

Mckayne Boedeker
Mar 27, 2012 at 7:30 PM


The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Colorado at Boulder protested the TSA during the last week of school before spring break!  We constructed a mock body scanner, had a member dressed up as an agent, and displayed a large poster of the 4th Amendment. In addition to getting a lot of sign-ups for their email list, YAL @ CU distributed flyers giving information about both the TSA and their student group. When YAL member Alexis Olson had to go through the TSA herself the next day, she carried the the oversized 4th Amendment with her to the sound of a cheering crowd!

Got an exact count on how many new recruits you got by any chance?

Also, get out from behind that table!

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Is that application only for reserving a spot outside, or just at table? The reason I ask is because our school is the same way. If we want to table outside we have to fill out an application to reserve a table, BUT if we bring our own table, we don't have to fill out an application. If you buy your own table, around $50, you might not have to fill 

out reservation forms.

Also, I know that some parts of your school, the library, cafeteria, and other high traffic locations, might have different protocols. For example, the Union at Slippery Rock University has very strict protocols for tabling; you have to use their table and you have to fill out a request. This is why we chose not to table there. Instead we have called around and discovered that the library and cafeteria have very lenient tabling protocols; you just call the day before and you can use your own table. 

My point is, don't believe that just because one location had very strict procedures for tabling, all the others do as well. Call all the high-traffic locations and see what requirements there are for tabling. I HIGHLEY recommend buying your own table as this will make your life much easier. I hope this helps!

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