YAL at UCF Protest the TSA

Lauren Evans
Apr 10, 2012 at 2:09 PM

Our activism video: 

On February 29th the Young Americans for Liberty at UCF held our first activism event of the semester, Government Gone Wild. In less than a week, we built a 7' x 3' faux body scanner and made 300 4th Amendment luggage tags.

We set up our activism event in front of the Student Union and placed the scanner in a high traffic area to generate discussion. We also used freezer pops to get attention from students on a hot Florida day. Once students were  at our tent, we informed them about their constitutional rights while traveling and steps they can take to preserve those rights. Then we invited the students to a screening of "10 Rules with Dealing with the Police."

Can you give some more details on how you guys built the realistic-looking scanner? What materials you used, etc.

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