Visualize the National Debt at the University of Hawaii - Hilo

Merritt Burch
Apr 24, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Shot from above

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UH Hilo had a super fun time doing our biggest event of the semester, Visualize the National Debt! Thanks to the generous funding form the Leadership Institute, and the tabling materials from both YAL and SFL our YAL chapter really turned out a completely amazing activism event!!  Our debt clock was very popular among our student body and we attracted the attention of hundreds of students and managed to get almost forty new sign-ups for our club!

Folks around our table

Our sign-up sheet also doubled as a petition to bring awareness on government spending and the signed petitions were sent to state Senator Malama Solomon and state Representative Faye Hanohano. Both have traditionally been big spenders in Hawaii’s county and state government and hopefully the petition will make them think differently about tax exemptions for corporations based in Hawaii and the county’s unnecessary spending.

Petition Sign

At our table we could see and hear students, professors, and staff try to fathom how much money the U.S. actually owes. “Hundred….thousand…..million….billion….trillion?” People couldn’t believe the amount! After we explained to interested folks how the Federal Reserve worked, showed what percentage of the debt was owed to individual countries, and what the current budget was on things like agriculture or scientific research were compared to things like defense the still incredibly shocked people eagerly signed our petition.

From a distance

Much to our happiness, there was a little bit of brand recognition for our club by the events we did in the weeks prior!

Not only the students got to hear about out club though, we had our media advisory/press release published almost word-for-word in the only local newspaper on the East side of the island. Also, the day after the event we made the front page of the paper with a short story of our event and a picture! 

Media too!

We're front page news!!!

Overall our event was amazing. Our favorite part was when this random person walked up to our gigantic debt clock and asked, “Is this how much money you can save by switching your car to Geico?” 

woot woot!

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Great job guys... including causing all that trouble passing out the subversive document..the Constitution..and ending up on Drudge list for 2 days.. I see greatness

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YAL should send you a lifesize cardboard cutout of Ron Paul..just because you just gave them some free press...and then when you do another event the "establishment" will know what kind of firepower is backing you guys..his cutout with a signup petition to get Ron to speak at your campus will open some eyes...Promise!

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