Update from Indiana: Tom Woods Rejected AGAIN on a 2nd Lame Excuse

Bonnie Kristian
Mar 5, 2010 at 10:20 AM

Tom WoodsI've posted here before about Indiana University-Bloomington's ridiculous rejection of Dr. Tom Woods on the excuse that he lacked "sufficient academic credibility" -- despite his degrees from Harvard and Columbia, authorship of NYT bestsellers, and position as a senior scholar at the Mises Institute.

Since then, YAL at IU-B has been working hard to raise the funds necessary to bring Woods to campus on their own.  For a while, it looked as if the university might be backing down.  Not anymore.  As the club's president, Sam Spaiser, now explains, the lectures board denied a second request on the grounds that the club was "too prepared":

The fact that we came prepared, had already contacted Woods and secured a date, proposed a schedule for the event, and selected (although not booked) a room, this caused the Lectures Committee to feel left out of the process.

Too well prepared?  Talk about perverse incentives.  At any rate, YAL at IU-B is still committed to bringing Tom Woods to campus.  And you can help!  Sam continued, "With all of your help and dedication, we've already raised $2225. However, we need $4000 to make this event a reality. Young Americans For Liberty at IUB needs YOUR help. Indiana University needs YOUR help. The message of liberty needs YOUR help. Please make a contribution HERE to help bring Tom Woods to IU Bloomington."

Click here for Sam's full update, and please donate even a small sum if you are able!  IU students clearly need to hear Tom Woods' free market message -- because the university certainly has no intention of sharing it.

Does the IU administration have any idea how absurd their actions appear to an outside observer?

Maybe you should enlighten them :)

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To be fair, IU one of the largest schools in the world.  I don't know where the "rinky dink" sentiment comes from.  

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Well, I would donate but for some reason Paypal doesnt work for me anymore. I am ashamed of IU for treating the students this way.

We can take checks as well. If you are still interested, email me at yalatiu@gmail.com and I'll send you all of the information you need.

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