Turn off the TV. You'll be impressed with how much time you'll have.

Bonnie Kristian
Jan 18, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Time for internet and in-person activism, that is.

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My daughter is shouting at the screen "I'm here, i'm a 4 year old."

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some really good points, although he doesnt entirely comprehend or acknowledge the psychology of watching TV or a movie, both of these activities are not "doing nothing at all."At least, this is not true when considering compelling, genuine programming. If the program is something genuine and compelling, the brain is doing quite a lot--it is either simulating the experience of an alternate reality or educating about another reality.   Unfortunately most television programs are trite and geared towards low IQ viewers. This is the mindless, "nothing at all" kind of programming that should be culturally weeded out.  His main commentary about the necessity of collaboration in the evolution of media are on point, however.

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