Tax Day Ideas: ASU SFL

Sam Swedberg
Apr 12, 2010 at 12:42 PM

In this video, ASU's chapter of Students for Liberty give a great interview to a student on campus about taxes. It's another example of what campuses can do for their own Tax Day events this Thursday.

I'm going to hope you're not trolling

the government is only one that stakes it from you by force and produces absoultely nothing, relying on those under its thumb to do the work.

Regardless of this philosphical injustice (and assuming the necessity of at lease some government), you don't henostely believe that all of our debt and liabilities can be paid for through modest taxes do you?  Thats the overlying problem, that we're reaching the point where drastic tax increases are the only route to pay for all our debt, drastic to the point that, as seen in greece, social unrest would almost undoubtedly result.

The problem is not so much in the necessity of taxes, because for a government to operate it does need revenue in some form, be it taxes now or taxes later, but in the continued government stupidity in not addressing the problem to even exacerbating  it all to keep the people happy enough to get relected.  Instead of numbing a recession and passing an impossible-to-pay-for health care bill (at least as they have set up to pay for it), getting themselves back on track fiscally and the addressing the economic problems they're creating should have been their concern all along.

For me, the anger i have towards taxes are the form, the income tax which a free society cannot have, and that they don't want to change their spending habits first.   They want to borrow to spend, print to spend, spend, spend, spend and when they need to pay for it, way down to road (probably when its no longer their problem) thats when they'll raise taxes, but god forbid they stop the spending.

Stopping spending should, without a doubt, be the first route taken and no later, but that isn't how its being done, Washington just keeps spending.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that, no, a government can't operate without revenue, but a government that uses my money to operate better damn well govern at least moderately well in order for the legalized theft of my money to even be partly justified, but a government that stumbles along and does not work in the interest of securing freedom (as our government was intended to do), does not deserve nor could efficiently use my money and its an insult to the very idea of freedom for me to continue to prop up these ineffecient and corrupt governors through no choice of my own

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Our government also gets money by printing and borrowing  it.  Just fyi.

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