Sequester Infographics

Jeff Frazee
Feb 28, 2013 at 6:41 PM

For the last few weeks, President Obama and John Boehner seem to be on every news show, pretending that Sequestration will produce dangerous budget cuts. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth: All the Sequester does is slow the rate at which Washington's out-of-control spending grows! 

The Establishment is worried about the Sequester all right — worried that it will limit their crazy spending spree. So, I found a few infographics about the Sequester which demonstrate just how many lies are coming out of DC, and I wanted to show them to you. Please share these with your family and friends!

Click on each image for a larger version and more info.




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While I agree that military spending is out of control, it is the unconstitutional social programs that are destroying our country.  Our tax dollars are being used to "buy" votes for Democrats (elitist, repressive, digressive, socialist liberals).  Take a look at the 10th Amendment (defines the limits of our Federal government), then read the rest of the constitution and you will discover that there are no provisions for any social programs, except patents.  The social programs, including SSN have no constitutional basis.  Why did our founders do that?   Because they understood the concept of using tax $ to buy favor with voters.  And they recognized that social programs are a moral/ethical issue, which is the territory of religious and other philanthropic organizations, so it ensures separation of church and state.   The social programs in this country have in essence created the unholy "Church of the USA".  One of the reasons that my ancestors left  Europe and came to this continent was to escape the unholy "Church of England".  The Democratic  Party has annointed itself as the "High Council" of the unholy "Church of the USA" , with O'Butthead as their "High Priest". Given the opportunity, he will spend the next 100 generations worth of tax dollars/debt to buy the votes for his policies.

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Well, all I can say that I know for fact is that my son is a Border Patrol Agent in Arizona and his pay is getting a 40% cut.  The government will continue their "Goldfish" studies while my son has to try and figure out how to live with a 40% pay cut.


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My cousin is a border patrol soldier guarding the Texas/Mexico border.  There are not enough border patrol soldiers to keep the border guarded as well as it should be, and they are not paid enough to support their families without the help of their wives.  Obama's dream is to erase our borders and allow illegal Mexicans to swarm in Texas and California, and let them vote even though they are not citizens of America... which is the legal requirement to vote.  The illegals, the blacks and the idiots who voted him into office voted him in again.  None of them cares about the welfare of America.  They just want free meals and housing and Obama will insure they always get it because he is not paying for it, the rest of us are paying for it.  for some odd reason Congress voted the President's wife an enormous wardrobe allowance, and Obama's wife is busy spending it as fast as she can.  Several of her evening dresses, designer originals, cost $6,000 and more.  But Congress does not think our border patrol should have salaries sufficient to support the soldiers and their families.  If you like Obama YOU are a bloody fool.

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Oh man, $6,000 dresses. THAT's where our $16 trillion national debt came from — not, you know, the hundreds of billions of borrowed money Obama, Bush, and their predecessors spent on war and entitlements. Good thing we figured that out.

I'm confused, though, about how Michelle Obama managed to run up the $9 trillion of debt we had before her husband took office? Did Laura Bush special order the dresses for her or something?

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