Live from the YAL National Convention!

Bonnie Kristian
Jul 25, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Follow YAL on Facebook and Twitter for lots of live updates!  I'll add more info/pictures/etc. to this post as it becomes available.

Update 1, on Tuesday, July 26

Take a look at the update email we sent out toward the end of yesterday -- including a student profile, some pictures, and a short update from YAL's Executive Director Jeff Frazee -- here.

Update 2, on Wednesday, July 27

Check out our Twitpic and Flickr accounts for lots of new pictures posted!  Below are short videos for the first two days of the event!

This evening we're joined by Senator Rand Paul, our featured guest speaker for the evening.  Check back tomorrow for another short video update on today!

Update 3, on Thursday, July 28

Below is our video for the third day of the convention (yesterday), when we were joined by Senator Rand Paul for dinner and a brief speech!  If you haven't already, also be sure to check out today's update email for more information about the convention so far.

Do you know if YAL or any individuals will be taking video of the keynote speeches? I would hate to miss Ron and Rand's speaking to the students!

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We're going to release short summary videos for each day, I think, and one or two videos covering the whole week in the full convention report we'll send out next week!

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wow who does your videos.  nice touch.

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That's our intern, Lauren!  She's very excited about your comment right now.

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God bless Ron Paul & YAL.    I gave a small contibution.  What I could afford.   You are the future !!!     Keep your eye on the constitution, & all that was /& can be  great about the USA.

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