Liberty Forum Weekend

Monica Dean
Feb 24, 2013 at 3:35 PM

Wow! What an awesome time. Myself and two other YAL chapter members had the opportunity to attend Liberty Forum at the Crown Plaza in Nashua, NH this weekend.

It was so much fun!

We brought all the material we had as well as all three Free Markets 101 games and the new Generation of War Pin the Drone on the War Zone. It was a huge hit.

As soon as we arrived to set up the table Friday morning the entire hotel was flooded with liberty activists and enthusiasts. There were speakers such as Tom Woods and Jeffrey Tucker. We tried to focus on signing up everyone who may one day be in the Manchester or Durham New Hampshire areas. One thing I find to be invaluable for college students is community involvement. Getting not just "Young" Americans for Liberty but all Americans for liberty to follow us will help engage the group with the community and gain support. 

Young Economic Jenga Pro

There were many young people at the forum. One young man who was in his mid-teens played jenga-nomics like a pro. Another teen came by frequently to chat and have some Reese cups. (We found candy is a very good way to attract interest.)

Pin the drone

We reached out to Julie Borowski when she stopped by our table. We took some photos with her and other big names in the movement and many people went to our Facebook page to like us and show support. We now have over 90 likes on the page!

Jeffrey Tucker

Monica and Tom Woods at Silver Circle Premier

Julie with Eben and Katelynn

There was no shortage in parties, of course. These were probably the best networking opportunities of the year. One of the best was the Second Annual Sex, Lies, and Anarchy Podcast party. They are a local podcast in Manchester NH that focuses on the social aspect of the liberty community. The general theme of the night was to show the activism center known as "The Quill" which lies in the heart of the free state project movement. Tom Woods came by for a visit and played chess with some movers and prospective movers. His opponents were quickly defeated as Tom is remarkably good at the game of chess.

Tom Woods playing chess

We also had a "We are Bradley Manning" photo shoot to show support for Bradley on his 1000th day of being incarcerated without due process.

 We are Bradley Manning

Now for an update on our second tabling event on campus. It was wildly successful thanks to our new location which was right in front of the door and of course the Free Markets 101 Activism kits. In three days we signed up over 20 new members on a campus which has less than 2000 students. The chapter also had it's first meeting where we established officer titles and addressed a couple of issues, one of which was Liberty Forum.

Students at table

Tabling 2


The chapter plans on partnering with students involved in the politics and society club to travel to New Jersey for the YAL State Convention. During Liberty Forum we were able to raise roughly $50 to go towards event planning and the gas money for the trip. 

I have also reached out to PERC (Property and Environmental Research Center) to obtain some activism materials to appeal to students with environmental backgrounds.

We made incredible contacts for speakers. Ben Swann's team came by and said they would love to set up an event. We are also hoping to do a screening of Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree. It is a documentary of peaceful protesting and activism around the state of New Hampshire. Derrick also generously offered to come and speak as well. Along with all the contacts the Vice President, Katelynn Castiglione, was recorded with Derrick to capture him participating in the Pin the Drone on the War Zone game.

This just scratches the surface of all the amazing things that happened at one of the best liberty events in the nation. I hope to see more YAL groups there in the future!

To check out Liberty Forum visit:

and if you are so inclined towards liberty check out porcfest too!

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I'm so thankful for the folks at the UNH Manchester YAL chapter. We spent dozens of hours preparing for and tabling at the Free State Project's 2013 Liberty Forum all day Friday, all day Saturday and for hours on Sunday. If was really great having Liberty Forum speaker after speaker come up to the YAL table and ask to speak at future YAL events!

Also, thank you to Liberty Forum for giving us such an amazing discount on the table.

BTW, there are additional photos on the YAL UNH Manchester Facebook page.

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Please also check out Sex Lies and Anarchy! It is an awesome podcast.

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