Libertarian Movement in...Costa Rica?

Peter Anthony Tariche
Feb 12, 2010 at 1:00 PM

This past Tuesday the presidential election results in Costa Rica were finalized. The Libertarian Party or El Movimiento Libertario candidate Otto Guevara received 21% of the total vote.  Otto came third overall in the election, but the true victory for the Libertarian Party in Costa Rica was in the Congressional race where the Libertarian Party picked up 10 of the 57 seats in legislature. While the Libertarian Party in Costa Rica is different from the Libertarian Party here in the United States, this is an interesting development for the liberty movement among our neighbors to the south.

Back in 2003 Reason Magazine interviewed Otto Guevara:

 So perhaps, as an America, I would explore something like Ron Paul's strategy instead. The key for us was exposure, and if you don't necessarily have your own candidates, then it's important to incorporate certain people with a national profile, who can give your positions credibility.