Is this really the best they can do?

Matt Cockerill
Jan 5, 2010 at 7:47 AM


I suppose the military hegemony of the US government makes the Roman Empire a natural ideal for it, but this propaganda cartoon's blatant promotion of an "obediance-at-all costs," attitude still makes it ridiculous and ineffective. Particularly bizarre is the  fact that this Census Bureau ad is ostensibly intended to appeal to Christians, even though the Roman state murdered Jesus Christ. (Which makes the "Don't be afraid," tagline all the more ironic.)

(Thanks to Tom Woods' Facebook page for the link)

Yeah, it's factually accurate that there was a census at the time Jesus was born.  However, it was a simple counting census, not an inventory of your whole life (the former, by the way, is what the Constitution allows; the latter is what is planned for 2010).  But the state which took the census didn't exactly work out so well for Jesus -- it later crucified Him, recall.  This is not exactly encouraging, and as Matt commented, makes the "Don't be afraid" part even more ridiculous. 

Moreover, if you'll note, Matt never actually says "obedience at all costs to the American military hegemony," as you claim.  What he does say is that this poster clearly compares our government to the Roman Empire, which makes sense given our extensive foreign occupations.


As a side note, they also make this available in different languages.  And there's a church bulletin insert, which at least notes that the 2010 Census won't fulfull prophecy. think?

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