Introducing YAL's New Resource Section

Mikayla Hall
Aug 30, 2010 at 2:43 PM

Tired of looking deep into the blog for helpful resources like signup sheets? As you and your chapter prepare for the fall semester, YAL wanted to provide a one-stop section to help facilitate a great school year.

Included in the Resources Section:

  • Information about your region and state
  • An extensive list of activism ideas for your chapter
  • Downloadable materials, an activism guide and the 2010 Convention slideshow
  • A full list of YAL's national events, starting with "Real Change Requires R3volution"
  • How to bring Ron Paul to campus!

Check it out here

Yes, this is a huge help, great job!

Joseph Brown's picture

The Chapter Resources page is not working.

Zak Slayback's picture

The link was auto switched. It  should be working again.

Mikayla Hall's picture

I would like to see more contributions to this effort.  Messaging is a huge part of recruiting.  It helps when your materials look professional as well as clever.

William Stewart's picture