Fight for Free Speech at Virginia Commonwealth University

Amay Iyer
Mar 20, 2017 at 9:24 AM

On March 17th, my chapter and Virginia State Chair for YAL, Michael Wigginton, organized the first Fight for Free Speech event at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

I want to mention that I am an International Student who is attending VCU on an F-1 visa and never thought I would get too politically involved with anything, but YAL has a set of ideals that I felt connected to.

We pumped up a 12 feet tall beach ball and rolled it around a part of campus for people to write whatever they wanted. It was a wonderful event and the outcome was way better than I expected. People wrote their opinions on all sorts of things including politics, tv shows, social media info or just people in school. 

More than anything, I absolutely loved the fact that we provided a platform for students to voice their thoughts with a guarantee of not being personally threatened. I feel every educational environment needs something like this so that students have a place to get things off their chest. 

Overall, this was a delightful and enjoyable experience and I hope to be involved in a similar event soon.