Foreign Policy Hypocrisy, Africa Edition

Preston Mui
Aug 5, 2009 at 12:54 PM

Hillary Clinton is in Kenya to address several issues, including the Keynan government's seeming unwillingness to prosecute war criminals:

Some of the headlines greeting Mrs. Clinton on her first morning in Kenya focused on American pressure to set up a special tribunal to try the perpetrators of election-driven bloodshed early last year that left more than 1,000 people dead.

Kenya’s judicial system, however, has done little to pursue suspects in the post-election violence and is often accused of perpetuating the nation’s culture of impunity.

Many people fear that the Kenyan government will take no action.

But Mrs. Clinton said Kenya should handle the process itself. It is “far preferable that prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officials step up to their responsibility,” she said.

Hmm. A government dragging its feet on prosecuting criminals? Where have I heard that before...

After a tense internal debate, President Obama officially announced this afternoon that his administration would not prosecute C.I.A. operatives for carrying out controversial interrogations of terrorist suspects, as the Justice Department began releasing a number of detailed memos describing harsh techniques used against Al Qaeda suspects in secret overseas prisons.

haha. Well the hypocrisy may be blatant, but the MSM won't draw attention to it, most liberals are irrational because of their Obama-worship, and conservatives are "pro-war crimes."

Which basically just leaves us to call em' out. :]

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