FEE’s 2013 Summer Seminar and Internship Applications are Now Open!

Todd Hollenbeck
Jan 8, 2013 at 5:38 PM

FEE 2013 Seminar Postcard

Applications for FEE’s newly revamped Summer Seminars are now open! In order to better accommodate your busy schedules and light wallets, FEE has shortened the seminars to 3 days, located in 6 locations across the country.

College and High School FEE Seminars cover 10 topic areas including the popular Austrian Economics seminar (now named “Rebels with a Cause”) and our advanced seminar: Communicating Liberty. 



High School:

FEE seminars are free to attend, except for travel. However, SFL’s Give the Gift of Liberty can help you raise money for travel, as can your YAL chapter. These seminars are a great way to give your new members a thorough introduction to the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society.

Seminar Applications close on March 31, 2013!

Additionally, FEE is looking for operations, videography, and photography interns to work full time in Atlanta for the summer and travel with the staff to the seminars. This internship is paid and very competitive, so apply now!

Internship Applications close on March 1, 2013!

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