Copying Is Not Theft

Bonnie Kristian
Oct 27, 2010 at 8:14 PM

Love it!!!!!!!!!


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Intellectual property is government granted artificial immunity from competition. That is not the free market, that is big government. Ideas can not be owned, they are non-tangible. Locke said property is owned once you mix your sweat with the soil.

I know of many YAL'ers who support IP (copyright, patent, trademark). They generally look to government to provide these things. I suppose some of the effects of IP could be worked out with contracts, but as supporters of liberty and free-markets we should not endorse a government imposed regulation that grants monopoly privilege to whomever got to the patent office first. That isn't freedom.

Supporters of IP are supporters of the monolithic state.

Read any austrian and you'll see that I win.

Smash the state!

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