Calling All Student Activists!

Mikayla Hall
Aug 14, 2010 at 4:53 PM

It's that time of year again. Summer plans are winding down, students are prepping to return to campus to begin learning again and campaigns are getting more exciting.  How better to prepare for campus activism and campaign work this fall than to take a Youth Leadership School (YLS) from the Leadership Institute? 

Nicknamed "the boot camp of politics," the YLS provides you with effective techniques to organize and lead massbased youth efforts for candidates and causes of your choice.  Topics covered include:

  • Building an effective student organization
  • Getting out the vote
  • Earned media (favorable publicity)
  • Developing a public relations strategy
  • Launching a successful career in politics

I've been through more LI training than I care to admit, but the YLS is hands down the best. It's great for learning strategy, networking with other activists and, if you complete the training, puts you at an advantage when trying to get a campaign job.

Still not convinced? Well, if you go to the October training in Seattle, you can hang out with me! (*wink, wink*)

Upcoming trainings will be in Arlington, Vegas, Seattle (August), Orlando, Valley ForgeWinston-Salem, WacoSeattle (October)Phoenix, Denver, Indianapolis, and Provo.  For a full list of upcoming Leadership Institute trainings, click here