Armed citizens stopping what would have been mass killings

Elliot Engstrom
Dec 20, 2012 at 5:07 PM

As the gun control "debate" rages on (debate in quotes because most of what I have heard barely qualifies as debate but is rather something like this) there's one set of facts you probably won't be getting from the mainstream media -- that being all of the mass killings that could have been, were it not for an armed citizen.  My friend Jon Wright decided that since the media certainly wasn't going to crunch these numbers for us, he would go ahead and do it himself.  The dates only go back to 1991, which I imagine is because he did his research on the internet.

Jon has been explicit that this is just him doing research on his own, so there likely are some incidents that he is missing during these years.  These are incidents where the shooter had the intent to kill a much larger number of people than died, if anyone died.

  • 1991 - Aniston Shoney's shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 0/2
  • 1995 - Muskegon Shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 0/0
  • 1997 - Pearl High School Shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 3/7
  • 1998 - Parker Middle School dance shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 1/3
  • 1999 - National Shooting Club Shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 0/0
  • 2002 - Appalachian School of Law shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 3/3
  • 2007 - Colorado YWAM and New Life shootings - Number of dead/wounded: 2/2
  • 2007 - Trolley Square shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 5/4
  • 2008 - Winnemuca Shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 3/2
  • 2009 - College Park Party shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 0/0
  • 2010 - AT&T store shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 0/1
  • 2012 - Aurora Church shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 1/0
  • 2012 - Clackamas Town Center shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 2/1
  • 2012 - San Antonio Theatre Shooting - Number of dead/wounded: 0/1

Just something to think about.

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