Americans Force Innocent Civilians into a Gruesome Death March

Jayel Aheram
Oct 24, 2011 at 10:35 AM

NPR is reporting that U.S. and Afghan soldiers have allegedly forced innocent villagers into a gruesome Death March:

Villagers from a violent part of southern Afghanistan say that Afghan troops, along with several American mentors, forced civilians to march ahead of soldiers on roads where the Taliban were believed to have planted bombs and landmines.

John Glaser from has more:

Last month, scores of villagers came to the district meeting hall along with their village elders, and all told the local authorities similar story. They said American and Afghan soldiers pulled them out of their homes one evening in early September.

According to Faizal Mahmud, the deputy head of Panjwai’s council of elders, the villagers claimed the soldiers arbitrarily detained them, lined them up, and forced them to walk in front of the soldiers for over a mile, through roads believed to be packed with explosives by the Taliban.

Glaser added that if the allegations were true, it would be “a serious violation of domestic and international law. “

The last time American soldiers were involved in a Death March, they were the ones marching. The Bataan Death March was rightfully condemned as a war crime and the people responsible were prosecuted for it, so must this be if it turns out these stories are true. However, if Dick Cheney’s gleeful boast of torture or President Barack Obama’s wanton killing of Americans are of any indication, there will be no justice meted.

If these allegations are true, this is an obscenely low new low.


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One of the disgusting counterarguments that would raised is that no one was hurt.

As if forcing civilians to march to their potential death and it not being realized somehow makes it okay.

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Why discredit YAL?  These are allegations that need research.  In that part of the world, lying is a tool.  Withhold judgment until facts are revealed.  Report both sides until then.  Libs generate and sustain their narrative on dishonest accusations (that tend to be projections of their own thinking!) A new reader will dismiss us as the same.  YAL must use honest, responsible communication to bring freedom and health back to the republic.

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The "libs"?  I think you made your accusation a little narrow.  If you're concered about discrediting YAL don't exclusively accuse "the libs" of something every political political party ever has made use of ample use of.

This was a great post that I found very interesting and believe the writer was fair in the portrail of the situation.

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"AMERICANS FORCE INNOCENT CIVILIANS INTO A GRUESOME DEATH MARCH"  is fair?   Are our soldiers guilty as accused?  Do we blindly give NPR such credit?

OK... I restate: libs do it more than statist conservatives.  

I discovered YAL at CPAC and want to support it, but this attitude is disappointing.  Military action in Gulf 1, Balkans, Gulf 2, Libya, etc was wrong. We do not need to look like mindless, emoting libs who side with NPR attacks.  It will repel principle-based thinkers.  Rather, let's give reason why policy is wrong and will not work. (or make things worse!)

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By the same token, do we blindly assume that YAL bloggers don't do their research?  Let's see how the story plays out and what facts come to light.  If this information turns out to be wrong, I am certain that no one would be more happy about it than YAL members and bloggers.  If the report is true, then I believe this would fall under the category of a reasonable discussion of a very wrong policy.

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