Ted Yoho (FL-03)



Name:  Dr. Ted Yoho
Age:  57

Hometown:  Gainesville, FL
Family:  Ted and his wife, Carolyn, have three children -- Katie, Lauren, and Tyler.

Personal Biography:  Ted Yoho is a successful veterinary doctor. He earned his Bachelors Degree and degree in the veterinarian sciences from the University of Florida. He and his wife raised their three children in Florida, two of whom are now students at the University of Central Florida and the other on active duty with the Coast Guard.

Political Biography:  Yoho decided to enter the political arena in 2012, motivated by the lack of respect Congress has had for the U.S. Constitution.

Website:  www.TedYoho.com


Primary Election:  August 14, 2012

General Election:  November 6, 2012

The District:  Ted Yoho faced an uphill battle during his primary election when he faced and defeated 12-term Republican incumbent, Cliff Stearns. Sabato's Crystal Ball has rated Florida's Third Congressional District as strongly Republican and polls indicate Yoho has a large advantage over his Democratic challenger.



  • Supports auditing and abolishing the Federal Reserve
  • Supports a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Opposes all spending bills which would increase the debt limit or create an unbalanced budget
  • Opposes corporate welfare
  • Opposes all tax increases

Foreign Policy

  • Believes only Congress can declare war
  • Supports bringing the troops home from Iraq
  • Opposes War in Afghanistan
  • Supports drastically reducing foreign aid
  • Wants to find and cut waste in the military budget
  • Opposes Nation Building
  • Supports utilizing diplomacy with Iran
  • Supports a non-interventionist foreign policy that puts America first
  • Believes trade and diplomatic relations should define our foreign policy

Civil Liberties

  • Opposes the National Defense Authorization Act as a whole (NDAA)
  • Opposes the PATRIOT Act
  • Opposes SOPA and all restrictions on internet freedom
  • Opposes the federal War on Drugs

Federalism & the 10th Amendment

  • Supports federalism on all legislation not specifically authorized in the Constitution
  • Supports abolishing the Department of Education

Read Ted Yoho's official issue statements here.


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