Don Volaric (MI-09)

Don Volaric


Name:  Don Volaric
Age:  50
Detroit, MI
Family:  Don and his wife Lynn have three children:  Lily, Lauren, and Brooklyn.

Personal Biography:  A Michigan native, Don Volaric was born in Detroit, Michigan, the state to where he later returned to raise his family and his business. At the young age of 18, Mr. Volaric entered the print and digital media world, going to work for a company in Southern California. In less than 10 years, Mr. Volaric was promoted to production manager for a large media firm, placing him in charge of over 70 employees. By 33 he was overseeing the entire operation with his own accounts accounting for $3.5 million of the 17-million-dollar company. In 2001, he launched his own health insurance agency, Freedom Health Insurance. 



General Election:  November 6, 2012

The District:  The 9th Congressional District of Michigan is a congressional district in Eastern Michigan, maintaining a liberal voting record with seated Representative Sandy Levin (D). However, as per the 2010 Census results, the lines of the 9th Congressional District have been adapted and now include more conservative voters in Michigan. This development has caused the partisan voter index (PVI) to shift significantly to the right.



  • Supports a full audit and abolishing the Federal Reserve
  • Opposes all spending bills which would increase the debt limit or create an unbalanced budget
  • Opposes corporate welfare
  • Opposes all tax increases
  • Opposes raising the debt ceiling

Foreign Policy

  • Believes only Congress can declare war
  • Opposes War in Iraq
  • Opposes War in Afghanistan
  • Wants to find and cut waste in the military budget
  • Opposes Nation Building
  • Supports a non-interventionist foreign policy

Civil Liberties

  • Opposes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • Opposes the PATRIOT Act
  • Opposes TSA
  • Opposes SOPA and all restrictions on internet freedom
  • Opposes the federal War on Drugs

Federalism & the 10th Amendment

  • Supports federalism on all legislation not specifically authorized in the Constitution
  • Supports abolishing federal agencies and departments that encroach on the 10th Amendment

Cutting Government

  • Supports ending the Department of Education
  • Supports a full repeal of Obamacare

Read Don Volaric's official issue statements here.


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