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Thank you for your interest in YAL's Liberty Action Fund PAC, and, more importantly, your dedication to restoring our constitutional Republic by protecting the "special interest" of We the People -- the U.S. Constitution.

The Liberty Action Fund PAC has identified and vetted hundreds of candidates; and over the next several months our PAC will endorse a number of these candidates, bundle money for their campaigns, and do everything in our legal capacity to make sure they win their election.

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Are you a Candidate?
If you’re a candidate interested in being endorsed by YAL's Liberty Action Fund PAC, use the following resources.

Are you a Pro-Liberty Activist?
If you’re a candidate interested in being a pro-liberty activist for a PAC-endorsed candidate, use the following resources.

Please contribute as much as you can to YAL's Liberty Action Fund PAC today, so we can build the resources to reach voters and win races for liberty candidates in 2014.

By making your contribution to Liberty Action, every dollar you give will be combined with other supporters into one lump sum and given to YAL-endorsed campaigns to elect the next Justin Amash and Thomas Massie. 

This is known as "bundling." And by bundling your political contributions through the Liberty Action Fund PAC, you and thousands more pro-liberty donors increase the impact our issues and principles have in the Congress dramatically.

Oftentimes, politicians may dismiss a single supporter who contributes $100 or $1,000, but they cannot ignore a bundled donation of $20,000, $50,000, or even $100,000.

Why do you think special interest groups form PACs and donate to candidates? The answer: To gain influence. And, the Liberty Action Fund PAC will bundle donations from our supporters all throughout the country to protect our "special interest" -- the U.S. Constitution!