New Activism Table Will Help Spread Liberty Throughout the Midwest

Charles Vidal
Aug 31, 2012 at 3:13 PM


At numerous Leadership Institute trainings, young activists are advised to purchase a table of their own to avoid having to deal with administrators when participating in activism projects or tabling.

As the Midwest Regional Director, I know that I will be tabling both on campus and on others in neighboring states. Anybody can buy a simple folding table and throw some constitutions down, but I wanted to go above and beyond a simple folding table. I wanted a table that will turn heads on campuses.

That’s why I used some of my own money and purchased a custom made Young Americans for Liberty activism table. I know that when I’m tabling or handing out Constitutions, this unique table will get attention. People will stop to ask about my table and Young Americans for Liberty, and give me and my fellow YAL members the chance to sell them on the ideas of liberty and constitutionally limited government.

You may not be able to afford a fancy activism table, but every YAL chapter should make an effort to have something distinctive that will draw people to your table. While a stack of Constitutions may entice the people who read this blog, most college students need something else to bring them to the table. How many groups at your school’s club fair will have a tri-fold board adorned with their group’s logo and principles? There’s no reason why your chapter can’t put one together cheaply. Don’t just listen to me, however. I’m sure some of you guys have ideas to draw attention to your tabling efforts that I would never think of!


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Is it just me or is that clearly a beer pong table?

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I agree.  Clearly a bp table.

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I am interested in obtaining one as well.  It seems as if there are a lot of YAL chapters across the state of TN that are in the process of forming or need severe help.  As a Li Field Rep - i will be spending a ton of time with these chapters and that table is AWESOME!  Where can i get one?  How much was it?  If you could email me at:
I would really appreciate it.  THANK YOU!

Oh - I am also interested in obtaining a YAL banner for use these next few months as well as some handouts.  If you have contsitutions - that would be great as well.  Plans are in the works for a newly developing chapter to do something quite cool for Constitution Day.



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I'll ask Charlie to get back to you all with info on where he purchased it!

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$165 shipped

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