Slippery Rock Young Americans for Liberty Protest the TSA

Brandon  Cestrone
Mar 20, 2012 at 5:02 PM

On March 6th and 7th the Slippery Rock University Young Americans for Liberty protested the TSA by building a mock scanner on our campus and dressing up as a TSA officer. To do the event, the Slippery Rock chapter used our strong network of communication and organized an emergency conference call to plan for the event.  Josh Weitzel decided to take the lead with the event and designed and built a large TSA scanner with humorous stick figures on both sides depicting naked people being scanned.

Not originally planning an early March event, Slippery Rock quickly organized using a conference call to gather input and ideas on how to effectively coordinate the event. Always ones for originality, the chapter decided to encourage students to write on the scanner expressing their thoughts about the TSA. Additionally, I dressed up as a creepy TSA officer, and we handed out flyers describing students rights when dealing with the TSA and Government Gone Wild beads.

Students laughed and really had a good time writing on the mock scanner. Even with weather difficulties, the Slippery Rock chapter improvised and ended up having a great success! A lesson was learned:  Always have a back-up plan and never throw in the towel when things don't work out perfectly. Activism is not an easy job, it requires strict discipline, above everything else.  With discipline and a passionate team, the options are endless.  

I really appreciate this liberty protest the TSA because if people did not express their thoughts on it then that people will gain encouragement what they did and in the future there are lots of chances to be done this type of incidents. 

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This chapter has done stupid things and alienated most of campus. They were disrespectful with the American flags, put them all over the quad so that they ended up covered in rain and mud, then threw them in a box when they were desecrated enough. I know many people who have backed away from supporting this group as a result!!!!!

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Are you kidding? How did we "cover them in rain and mud"? lol That's called mother nature. We can't control the weather. And we carefully placed all the flags in a box to be taken to the local VFW.  I'm not sure how we alienated most of campus as we are one of the most active groups as well as the only pro-freedom group on campus. Feel free to stop at one of our meetings and address any issues instead of posting anonymous. 

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