California YAF Chairman Ryan Sorba Attacks YAL at CPAC

Peter Anthony Tariche
Feb 19, 2010 at 8:40 PM

During the students activist forum at CPAC, Students for Liberty's Alexander McCobin openly thanked CPAC for inviting GOProud, a statement which received mixed reactions from the audience and boos from another speaker on McCobin's panel, Ryan Sorba.  Sorba, who helped co-found Young Conservatives of California and recently became the California YAF Chairman, used his own opportunity to speak to condemn CPAC for including GOProud.  He went on to taunt those booing him, attack YAL, and announce that YAL's executive director, Jeff Frazee, was now his enemy.

The source of his anger at YAL and Frazee is unclear:  The topic was brought up by Students for Liberty, not anyone associated with YAL.  Moreover, Frazee was entirely uninvolved in the situation (neither booing, taking sides, nor at all involved in gay rights activism) until Sorba out of the blue mentioned him on stage.

Here's a more complete video of the portion of CPAC in which all this occurred:

Let me add, Barry Goldwater would be very proud of CPAC for inviting the GOProud organization.

Barry Goldwater once said, "The big thing is to make this country, along with every other country in the world with a few exceptions, quit discriminating against people just because they're gay," Goldwater asserts. "You don't have to agree with it, but they have a constitutional right to be gay. And that's what brings me into it."

I was there when this happened, and it was very confusing why Sorba mentioned Jeff at all.  Like Peter noted, Jeff was totally uninvolved -- and of course isn't gay himself. 

In short, Sorba came off as a complete jerk; even basic decency should have limited his behavior, regardless of his views on GOProud and other gay rights groups.

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I was there as well and I don't think that Jeff is gay either.

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I have been critical of YAF for a long time even going as far as write a critical post that was later removed about how YAF of Goldwater is ont YAF of today. I hope this ends any debate weather YAL should associate with YAF 

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That little rant by Sorba really destroyed any credibility for YAF and gives YAL a lot of exposure and credibility.

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Sorba vs Frazee

SUMO WRESTLING????????????????????

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Here is Alexander McCobin's intitial speech that got Mr. Sorba so pissed off to begin with:

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Just watched the video and here's my take. I think the S4L guy McCobin publically thanking CPAC for allowing GOPROUD set off the YAFer Sorba to condemn them publically in rebuke. 

While allies on most political issues S4L and YAL historically come from different emphasis. S4L  is an outgrowth of the the Institute for Humane Studies which in addition to property rights believes a general feeling of "tolerance" should underpin a society. YAL is only interested in property rights and non-violence in its political activism.

It's a distiction lost on libertarians let alone other people at CPAC. There's a lot of history between the PC/tolerance libertarians and the property rights/non-agression ones that I won't get into here.

I will just say that I hope YAL continues to fight only for liberty in it's political activism regardless of the personal beliefs of its officers. From what I've seen I applaud Mr. Frazee's non interference one way or the other on social issues. I believe he acted as a responsible representative of YAL and the Liberty movement in general. 

That said I believe the YAFer owes Mr. Frazee and apology at the very least for mistaking his identity.

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This is why i support YAL, no fine print for freedom.

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This is no surprise.  YAF are well known for being aggressive towards gays and immigrants (they were also warmongers who fell in line with Goldwater and his war-based anti-communist stance).  YAL is growing because we are inclusive and dedicated to the cause of liberty for all. 

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Goldwater isn't war based you big sillies. He's liberty based.

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Ryan Sorba, I know now why I am not a member of YAF, I am also from California and that attitude will probably not bring the voters in CA back from extreme liberalism. I am in Salt Lake City and if there are any other members in Salt Lake, send me an email at with subject named YAL, looking for some more liberty minded individuals

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Who is yaf sounds like a rip off of
I thought this was a great event. And it reminded me that I may not agree with what people do but its their business and there should be less gov supervision. Not havin @class is a personal problem.

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YAL isn't in this tiff between two personalities in SFL and YAF.  Frazee and YAL had nothing to do with GOPride or Young Americans for Freedom or Students for Liberty.

We should all be united against the robust socialist welfare/warfare agenda that is bankrupting our country:

Once we've saved ourselves from bankruptcy and servitude we can give some attention to people who want to squander their time in the limelight with personal drama.

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I'm willing to bet that this is but one further step in the increasing division and (brewing) war between Libertarians and Neoconservatives in the greater conservative movement.

We, as the youth of the liberty movement, need to band together and show the world that we believe in FREEDOM and RIGHTS and renounce HATE. We cannot afford to be associated with this bigot and others like him if we have any hope of winning over independents and the American people as a whole.

A Facebook group isn't ideal, but it seems like an appropriate way for a group of students to express their disoncent.

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YAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAF

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Trivia: YAF is the kind of group where you can get fired for criticizing Reverend Moon, the cult leader who arranged for himself to be coronated on Capitol Hill. See the <a href="”>Washington Post</a>.

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Does the US Constitution restrict gay marriage?

Peaceable, responsible adult choices are for individuals to make.


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I don't know if Sorba will ever read this ...

But I can't wait until his son or daughter comes out as Gay or a grandchild.

Gays and Lesbians keep this country running as much as any other person in America.    We are here --- we will be staying here.

AND --- we will keep getting more rights that match those of Sorba like individuals.   One day -- people will laugh at people that are so closed minded like Sorba!!!    I pray that that time comes sooner than later.


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An individuals personal moral crusades are often their personal demons. Put the National Enquirer on Sorba (with the intensity they used on John Edwards) and I'm sure he'll be pulled out of the closet in no time.

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  The government's been interfering for 50 years pushing the gay agenda - now we're supposed to say no interference with a "level" playing fireld !    Sorba despite his error is Liberty Student of the Year and is my hero !  

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The only good thing about repealing DADT is that it would prevent a lot of good guys from losing their jobs.  On the other hand, not much will change, since the military will still be fundamentally homophobic.  I'm not gay and never was (at least that I know of, hah), but I am currently stationed in Pendleton, and happen to know quite a few men that are forced to serve in the closet. There have been times when I have asked a couple of them if they'd come out if DADT was ever repealed, and the answer was always that they would like to, but they wouldn't. The real problem here is the homophobic majority of ppl serving in the armed forces that give in to group think and suffer from alpha male syndrome.  Even if DADT never existed, I couldn't even imagine a gay soldier coming out of the closet because of his or her <a href="">anxiety</a> from having to watch his ass from getting jumped from that day on.  Imo, the military's obsession with uniformity and control of its members down to their very ideologies has allowed homosexuality to be stigmatized and reviled far more than it already has by the civilian majority of this country.

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