GCC Young Americans for Liberty 2nd Official Meeting

local time


GCC Young Americans for Liberty will hold our 2nd official meeting on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, at 5 p.m. The location of the meeting has yet to be confirmed. This will be the final meeting this semester.

At our meeting, we will briefly discuss the best meeting day for next semester, and other club business. In addition, GCC YAL will host its second in a series of guest speakers: Barry Goldwater, Jr., who formerly served as a Congressman for California's 20th and 27th district, and is the son of former Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater. Mr. Goldwater will discuss some of his recent political involvements, as well as discuss many of the issues important to the liberty movement. There will be a Q&A afterward for those with any questions.

There will also be free snacks and soft drinks. Please arrive early.