YAL State Conventions 2014

YAL State Conventions 2014

12 YAL State Conventions to train, educate, and network local activists all across the country!

YAL is partnering with state and national organizations to offer you a one-day training and networking event designed to build stronger state cooperation, improve our activists' effectiveness, and inspire attendees to do even more to advance the cause of liberty.

When you attend a YAL State Convention, you will discover new ideas, connect with local leaders, and find opportunities you never knew existed. We're also bringing keynote speakers — the top names in the liberty movement — directly to your state!

Tickets are only $10 for dues-paying YAL members (Join YAL for $10 here) and $25 for non-members. All of these events are open to the public. Bring your YAL chapter, friends, and family.

 Speakers April 1st

Sponsors Mar 18

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SUNY Albany
Albany, NY

February 22

Lawrence Reed,
Steve Horwitz,
Jeff Frazee, and more!

Thank you to the 146 committed
activists who attended!


College of Southern Idaho
Twin Falls, ID
March 1
Tom Woods,
Jack Hunter, 
Connor Boyack, and more! 
Thank you to the 122 committed 
activists who attended!


University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR

March 15

Tom Woods,
Sheldon Richman,
Jack Hunter, and more!  
Thank you to the 107 committed
activists who attended!


University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

March 22

Rand Paul (via skype),
Jeffrey Tucker,
Jack Hunter, and more!
Thank you to the 103 committed 
activists who attended!


Penn State University 
State College, PA
March 29
Michelle Fields, 
Jack Hunter, and more!
Thank you to the 128 committed 
activists who attended!


Double Tree by Hilton Orlando 
Orlando, FL

April 4 - 6
Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Ted Yoho, Matt Kibbe and more!Thank you to the 335 committed 
activists who attended!


University of New Orleans 
New Orleans, LA

April 5

 Daniel D'Amico, 
Walter Block, Michelle Fields and more!
Thank you to the 103 committed 
activists who attended!


University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
April 5
Rep. Thomas Massie,
Com. James Comer,
David Boaz, and more! 
Thank you to the 91 committed 
activists who attended!


Central Michigan University   
Mt. Pleasant, MI
April 12
Rep. Justin Amash
Shikha Dalmia, and more!
Thank you to the 115 committed 
activists who attended!


Texas State University 
San Marcos, TX
April 12

Ron Paul, Lawrence Reed
Scott Banister, and more!

Thank you to the 155 committed 
activists who attended!


University of Southern California 
Los Angeles, CA
April 26

Jeffrey Tucker, Bruce Fein,
Larry Reed and more!

Thank you to the 186 committed 
activists who attended!


University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Madison, WI
April 26

Tom Woods, Jason Lewis
and and more!

Thank you to the 125 committed 
activists who attended!

If you would like to volunteer at a YAL State Convention and receive VIP status, we are filling positions right now. Email conventions@yaliberty.org and explain how you can contribute and make your YAL State Convention even better. We especially need help with local recruitment and promotion.