YAL National Convention 2012

Convention 2012

The 4th annual YAL National Convention is July 25-28, 2012 in Washington, DC.  This is an exclusive four-day event for the top 250 YAL members from across the country. This year will be our largest National Convention, so it's important that you apply for a seat early.

Speakers include:

  • Constitutionalists in the Congress: Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Justin Amash...
  • Leading political experts: Mike Rothfeld, John Tate, Doug Stafford, Steve Sutton, and Matt Robbins...
  • Youth movement leaders: Jeff Frazee, Edward King, Clark Ruper, Alexander McCobin, Corey Hubbard, Joshua Parrish, and Bonnie Kristian...

This event brings together the best and brightest young people in the youth movement for liberty to network, share ideas, and learn how to become better leaders. Here is your opportunity to improve your skills, build your resume, and make a name for yourself in the movement.

Here are the basic details for attendees:

  • When:  Wednesday, July 25 - Saturday 28, 2012. Please plan to arrive before Wednesay at 3pm for hotel check-in and leave Sunday morning.
  • Where:  The National Convention will take place at the Pryzbyla Center at Catholic University in Washington, DC.
  • Cost:  Just $30 for the entire convention. This includes training, materials, and lodging. You will be provided a hotel room with up to 3 other attendees of the same age and gender.
  • Who:  Only 250 of YAL's top activists will be accepted to attend this year's event.
  • What:  An exclusive gathering with the top leaders of our movement to improve our skills and become better activists -- not to mention hear from exciting keynote speakers soon to be announced!  View the complete convention schedule here.

For questions or more information, please email convention@yaliberty.org.

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