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Chapter Plan:

Bringing Liberty and common sense to the next generations of voters.

Bringing Liberty and common sense to the next generations of voters.

Chapter President Mailing Address
Address line 1
1155 Union Circle #307145
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Chapter Facebook Page (optional)
Chapter Plan

Getting started

What do you see as the purpose of your YAL chapter at your school?
Operation Politically Homeless, regular meetings, tabling, events, trips
Growing your YAL chapter is an important part of spreading the message of liberty.
How do you plan to
recruit more members?
Maintain political neutrality by advocating simple concepts of liberty, maintaining inclusivity.
Approximately how many hours each week do you plan to dedicate to building your YAL chapter?
A good way to recruit new members is tabling at the student activity fair. When will the next one take place at
your school?
First week of school, we always participate.
Tabling is a great way to recruit new members and increase your chapter's presence. About how often do you
plan to table?
Do you have a core leadership in place already? If so, what are the positions and responsibilities of your
chapter officers?
Hold meetings
How often do you plan to meet as a chapter?
Weekly on Thursdays at 5:00pm.
Where is the best location and what is the best time for everyone in your chapter to meet?
Wooten Hall 117
What type of social events can your chapter host to bring members closer together?
Parties, socials, trips
Have you scheduled your chapter's first meeting yet?
Activism and events
What issues and topics do you want to educate students about on your campus?
What activism and events do you hope to organize on campus this semester?
Gary Johnson at UNT, "It's Your Right" forum on prop 8, immigration and mosque
What are your goals for your chapter this semester?
What are your goals for your chapter by the time you graduate?
If you received any assistance when you formed your YAL chapter, please tell us here.
Please list the name of the individual who helped you here.
Register your chapter
Is your YAL chapter already officially recognized by your school?
If no, have you picked up the necessary paperwork from your school's Student Activities Office to register
your chapter?
Do you have a faculty advisor for your chapter?
Have you drafted a constitution and/or by-laws?

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