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Founded in 2008, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the largest and fastest-growing libertarian and conservative youth organization in the country.

With a network of more than 900 chapters nationwide, YAL chapters are the backbone of the youth liberty movement.

So are you ready to be a leader for liberty on your campus?

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YAL staff are available to walk you through the chapter application and connect you with any YAL members already at your school. They'll also help you form a core leadership and mobilize to educate students on your campus.

If you are looking for an active YAL chapter near you, search the map below to visit the chapter's webpage and contact the chapter's officers.

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If you’re ready to become a leader, complete these four steps to start a YAL Chapter on your campus:

  • Start the online chapter application
  • Provide a chapter mailing address
  • Recruit two (2) additional dues-paying members
  • Obtain official school recognition (suggested, not required)
As an active YAL chapter, you will have access to exclusive events, resources, opportunities. Let's get started!

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