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Baylor University Young Americans for Liberty
Mission and Goals

Baylor University Young Americans for Liberty
Mission and Goals
BUYAL offers a refreshing non-partisan option for Liberty-loving individuals from the whole political spectrum. BUYAL seeks to provide a place for friendly interaction between students that promotes respect for one another and the Constitution. Even members coming from polarizing political positions should be able to find aspects they agree with in the ideals of Liberty and union among the student body.
It is our goal to reach out to students to inform them how the direction of our country affects them, and also to empower them and let them know what we can do as united individuals. An example being we are planning a project for the spring semester where we will have a national debt display at Fountain Mall to inform students of the unsustainable spending of our federal government.
The main goal of Baylor University Young Americans for Liberty (BUYAL) is to educate, connect, and inspire individuals in the old American tradition of Constitutional government and the love for Life, Liberty and Peace. BUYAL’s mission is to encourage youth activism in students inspired by the Liberty movement and to cast the leaders of tomorrow. Baylor University strives for worldwide leadership and BUYAL inherently advocates this too by calling its members to be vocal, educated, and prepared to work on principle and reflect the philosophy of Liberty in leadership positions.
This organization is not about me or my colleagues, but rather, it is focused around the idea of liberty. An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped. In the history of human civilization, tyranny is ancient, but liberty is a new and refreshing idea. My first year at Baylor, I took part in the Leadership-Living Learning Program, which helped me develop as a leader. I was also a Freshman Senator in Student Government where I sponsored bills that helped better serve the student body as a whole. My colleagues and I are determined to spread the message of liberty and the words of our Founding Fathers to our generation and beyond. I am optimistic, for I can see that as every day passes, more and more people are woken up to the message of liberty.
BUYAL recognizes as an organization that our natural rights of Life, Liberty and Property set by our Founding Fathers are God-given, and therefore they are precious and must be protected by a good and moral individual. BUYAL understands that freedom requires responsibility, and therefore we hold its members to a high standard of character and conduct. Integrity motivates our action and principle defines our outlook towards government. Peace and prosperity drive our ambitions towards our neighbor. BUYAL also acknowledges that voluntary action has been on the decline and believes that self-reliance is not only responsible for this, but it also takes a big part in society’s moral decay.
We believe that voluntary action is the only ethical behavior. Because of this, we will strive to help not only the Baylor community, but the Waco community as well. My colleague Diego Estrada was the Chapter President of the TCU’s Habitat for Humanity. Meanwhile I visited Cedar Ridge Elementary School twice a week throughout the past spring semester where I was a mentor for underprivileged children so that I could help better their lives. It is a common goal of our organization to volunteer time and effort for those in need as we understand that as Christians we should reflect compassion towards one another and that compassion cannot be celebrated in an involuntary manner, but only in a voluntary manner.

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