The War on Youth

War On Youth

Stop Generational Theft. Reclaim Your Future. End the War on Youth. 

It’s official. Washington has declared a war on YOUth. It’s being waged by politicians, crony capitalists, and the federal reserve for short-term gains at the expense of our long-term future. Their weapon of choice is government spending that robs our generation of opportunity and prosperity.

We didn’t ask for this battle. We just wanted to be left free. But it is time we defend ourselves. That’s why we are arming every active YAL chapter with resources to fight back.

Consider the fact that an 18-year old’s personal lifetime share of the debt is nearly $1 million. This is on top of our student loan debt. This must change. Join us as we fight to free the future and end this war on youth.


We will work with your chapter to make this your best activism project yet. And we have even more big announcements in the works.

For now, we're offering all active YAL chapters these valuable resources to help you fight back. Apply below.
  1. War On Youth Activism Kit

  2. 4 ft. x 12 ft. "War on Youth" banner (first draft)

    Inline image 3

  3. One "Pong Off Your Debt" game and one "Price Plunge" game (optional)

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