A Generation of War

Generation of War

We've grown up with war. Now let's end it.

This March, YAL chapters nationwide will work together to protest the endless and costly wars which our government has waged for more than half the time we've been alive. We're a generation which has grown up with war, and we're ready to end it.

The Generation of War activism project will take place during the week of March 18 to 22, which includes the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq (March 20, 2003). This activism event will highlight the tremendous cost in lives, liberties, and dollars of America's numerous wars and foreign interventions.

YAL National will provide you activism ideas and resources on this page to make your Generation of War event successful—along with a chance to win up to $250 for your chapter for participating.

YAL has developed three ideas to inspire your activism:

  1. Pin the Drone on the Warzone

  2. Cost of War Memorial

  3. Decade of War Quiz (recommended as a supplement to the two previous ideas)

Your chapter may participate in one or more of these activism ideas (or create your own!) by following the activism instructions and applying for free resources here:

Apply Now

For each activism idea, there are two major components:

  1. An on-campus tabling exercise to recruit new members and promote your upcoming Generation of War meeting/event.
  2. A large chapter meeting/event to educate all attendees and discuss noninterventionist foreign policy. This could be a speaker, PowerPoint Presentation, politician, economics professor, movie, and/or general economics discussion.

The YAL chapters with the best Generation of War activism will be awarded bragging rights and $250 activism grants for these three categories:

  • Largest turn-out at a Generation of War chapter meeting or event
  • The YAL chapter which uploads the most new sign-ups to the YAL website via the "Manage Members" tool on their chapter page
  • Best overall activism based on the pictures, videos, media coverage, and documentation in the chapter report posted to the YAL blog

To enter the activism contest you must do two things:

  1. Before your event, apply to enter the contest by completing this short form. This will also make you eligible to receive a FREE, custom activism kit tailored to your Generation of War project.
  2. After your event, share your story on the YAL blog. We want all the details! If you have any trouble posting to the YAL blog as a Chapter Officer, email YAL Director of Communications Bonnie Kristian at bonnie.kristian@yaliberty.org. Also, don't forget to upload your new recruits' info to your chapter page.

Winners will be announced after all the blog posts have been published and reviewed.

Get started now! Read through all of these instructions, pick the activism idea(s), apply for resources, and get creative!

Here are six steps to accomplish your activism:

  1. Get your chapter excited to participate in an important, foreign-policy focused activism project. 
  2. Decide which activism idea you'll use to educate your campus within the Generation of War theme.
  3. Apply to participate in the activism contest and receive the personalized support and resources you'll need to make a big splash on campus.
  4. Host a great event, educating your classmates and growing your sign-up list. 
  5. Document your event with pictures, video, and a post on the YAL blog to be entered in the activism contest. Be sure to include the number of new sign-ups you got and the turn-out count for your event or you won't be eligible to win!
  6. Upload your new sign-ups to your chapter page here at www.YALiberty.org.