April Innovative Activism 2013

April Innovative Activism

Calling innovators and entrepreneurs! Who can develop the next wave of activism ideas? Show us what you've got, and we'll fund the best activism!

Throughout the month of April, Young Americans for Liberty is awarding more than $15,000 in Activism Grants to YAL chapters for high-potential activism ideas. We are looking for smart, innovative activism ideas that accomplish one or more of these goals:

  1. Recruit new students (the number of new sign-ups to join your chapter)
  2. Educate students about the philosophy of liberty (engaging ways to get students' attention)
  3. Earn media attention (school newspaper, local news, radio interviews, etc.)
  4. Get well-documented results (high quality pictures, well-produced video, etc.)

If your idea accomplishes some or all of these goals, then please explain your plan and apply for funding. We want to invest in innovative activism! It can be a brand new idea or an improvement on one of YAL's past ideas. We just want you to accomplish the best activism yet.

All active YAL chapters can participate and apply for funding. All you need to do is explain your activism idea and tell us what you need:

Apply Now
Also, the best ideas could become national activism projects for ALL YAL chapters in the future!
This is a huge opportunity to share your genius ideas on a massive scale.

The Free Speech Wall, the Giant Debt Clock, the Cost of War Memorial, and more originated by YAL chapters. Check out these award-winning activism ideas to inspire you:

Occupy the Honor Roll

Georgia Tech —
Constitution Week


Slippery Rock University —
Decade of War

University of Texas —
Free Speech Wall

University of Central Florida —
Visualize the Debt

Indiana University —
Constitution Week

Can you top these innovative activism ideas with a fresh concept?

Five easy steps to accomplish this project:

  1. Brainstorm with your chapter. What issues excite your members? What ideas accomplish our goals? What ideas will grab students' attention and interest them in signing up for your chapter? Can you keep your expenses to a minimum (under $100)?
    Past YAL activism ideas: 

       ➲ ReYALity Check
       ➲ Occupy the Honor Roll
       ➲ Visualize the Debt
       ➲ Candlelight Vigil for the Dollar
       ➲ Politician Dunk Tanks
       ➲ Mock Pullover
       ➲ Pin the Drone on the Warzone 
       ➲ Jenga-nomics
       ➲ Cost of War Memorial
       ➲ Choose Charity
       ➲ Free Speech Wall
       ➲ Overturn Speech Codes
       ➲ Custom Water Bottles
       ➲ Protest the TSA
       ➲ Red Tape Project
       ➲ Constitution Carnival

    Issues you may want to cover:

       ➲ Second Amendment
       ➲ Conceal Carry on Campus
       ➲ Tax Day (April 15)
       ➲ Healthcare/Obamacare
       ➲ CISPA/Internet Freedom
       ➲ NDAA/Indefinite Detention
       ➲ War on Drugs
       ➲ Minimum Wage/the "Living Wage" Fallacy
       ➲ Free Speech Zones
       ➲ Forced Diversity Training
       ➲ Know Your Rights/How to Deal with Police
       ➲ PATRIOT Act/Wiretapping
       ➲ Eminent Domain/Private Property
       ➲ Opting out of Social Security
       ➲ Free Trade
       ➲ Free Market Environmentalism

  2. Tell us your plan and apply for funding and resources: Complete this application with a well-thought-out plan.
  3. Execute your activism and keep in mind our four goals. View this guide for steps to accomplish an effective activism idea.
  4. Document your activism with high quality pictures, video, and stories.
  5. Post an Activism Report to the YAL blog and upload your new sign-ups to your chapter page on the YAL website.

If you have any questions, please email us at activism@yaliberty.org or contact your Regional Director.