April All-Out Activism: O = W


O = W

In 2008, voters asked for "hope" and "change."  Three years later, it's clear the only change we got was a new face pushing the same basic policies.  Whether it's bailouts, foreign intervention, or the erosion of our civil liberties, even liberal students are beginning to realize that Obama is Bush 2.0.

Therefore, all this April, YAL is targeting disaffected Obama supporters and politically-lost college students to show them liberty is the answer.

Check out YAL's chapter at the University of Central Florida -- they've already organized a successful event on their campus: http://www.yaliberty.org/posts/meet-the-new-boss-same-as-the-old-boss-0

We are building on our success from last month's "Visualize the Debt" activism events and asking YAL chapters to showcase the appalling similarity in policies using the simple equation "O = W."

"Like" YAL's "O = W" facebook page today: www.facebook.com/OequalsW



The main thrust of "O=W" revolves around YAL's "Presidential Policy Questionnaire."  YAL chapters are encouraged to administer this quiz to passersby as part of a tabling event.  The key is to record video footage of all students as they take the quiz to recreate this successful effort (see video below) to educate people about the similarities between Presidents Bush and Obama:

To engage college campuses with the message:  Big-government politicians come from both sides of the political aisle and have much more in common than the false narrative regularly presented.

Once you bring this message to your campus, your YAL chapter can present a true alternative.  The philosophy of liberty represents true “change” and the best path to a truly peaceful and prosperous society.


Download YAL's How-To Activism Guide for Your April Event

YAL prepared a how-to guide to help your YAL chapter prepare for April's event.  Make sure you download and print a copy to distribute to your chapter leadership and members.

To download the guide, click on the image below:


How-To Guide


How to Host a Successful Event on Your Campus

Demonstrate the O=W paradigm with a massive visual campaign.  Through tabling and direct engagement, you can provide an in-depth explanation about the lack of change between Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

You can also tear down the falsely alleged Republican vs. Democrat dichotomy, and educate students about liberty, which offers the only genuine alternative to the political status quo.

Plan for one full week of nothing but posting fliers around campus.  Then another for tabling and engaging the student body directly.

Step 1: Evaluate the Political Mood of Your Campus

Evaluate the political mood of your campus.  In general, your chapter should select “O=W” themes which challenge the traditional thinking about the dominant political philosophy shared by the most students.

For example, a left-leaning campus will be more engaged when discussing how Obama’s policies on war, civil liberties, and corporate welfare closely mirror those of George W. Bush.  Similarly, a right-leaning campus will react more strongly when they learn how Bush’s policies expanded entitlement programs (Medicare), increased deficit spending, and grew the budget to record numbers.

Step 2: Educate Your Chapter Members

Make certain all YAL members who plan to administer quizzes and engage other students with these unconventional accusations about the similarities between Obama and Bush can confidently defend the facts presented.

Hold meetings to prepare those involved.

Step 3: Prepare Literature and Visuals to Distribute

Prepare literature and visuals to distribute and post around campus to engage students indirectly with the O=W message.

  • Download the posters and flyers developed by YAL national
  • Edit or create new visuals which best make use of your campus’ political climate
  • Post literature and flyers throughout campus during the weeks before your tabling blitz, raising the issue with the student body and generating some internal student discussion.  Consider leaving off the YAL name until the tabling activities to generate more controversy and excitement:
    • Dorms
    • Public announcement boards
    • Student parking lots

Step 4: Directly Engage Students

Use your quizzes and large visual displays to engage students directly:

  • Run a table in a busy part of campus (perhaps for several days in a row)
  • Use the “Presidential Policy Quiz” to engage students passing by
  • Use large visual displays with the “O=W” theme (i.e. using the boards from the Visualize the Debt events to make a large “Obama = Bush” display)
  • Spread out (petitioning-style away from your main table!) and engage other students with the quiz.  “Hi, I’m Bob.  Would you mind taking our brief Presidential Policy Quiz?”  Let them take the quiz.  Inform quiz-takers that the answers to all questions are both Bush and Obama.  Be prepared to defend with facts about why.  Leave quiz-takers with information about the chapter’s next meeting and a list of facts for them to review about Obama and Bush.  You can download a facts sheet from YAL’s website: www.yaliberty.org/o-w/facts
  • Record your interactions with students.  The more video you record, the more footage you'll have to create an impactful video after your event -- this will increase the spread of our message and drive our point home to thousands of others.  Once you compile and edit your footage, post your video to YAL’s blog.  The best three videos posted will win cash prizes of $500, $250, and $100 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places respectively.

Step 5: Host a General Chapter Meeting After Your Activity

Hold a general chapter meeting with an extended discussion and presentation on the false dichotomy of the left and right.  Take this opportunity to present one of your “Philosophy of Liberty” presentations.

To download a copy of an existing presentation, visit the chapter materials section on YAL’s resources page: www.yaliberty.org/chapter-materials

Download YAL's Presidential Policy Questionnaire

YAL created the following Presidential Policy Questionnaire for you to engage students, sign up new members, and educate classmates about the shockingly similar policies enacted by both Presidents Obama and Bush.

To download the questionnaire, click the image below (Hint: the answer to each question is "both!"):


"O = W" Facts

To download a fact sheet to hand out to students and quiz-takers, click the image below (make sure you add information about your chapter's next meeting or event to recruit new members):

facts sheet

Also, you can direct students to YAL's fact page for citations: www.yaliberty.org/o-w/facts

Download and Customize "O=W" Flyers

Click on an image below to download and customize flyers to put up on your campus in the weeks and days leading up to your O=W event.  Get creative and design your own!



Ask a Banker


Campaign Contributions



Increase the Debt



Support Dictators


health care

Government in Health Care


Ideas to Enhance your "O=W" Event

In addition to your efforts to video tape respondents who answer your questionnaire, you can add these to your event to enhance their effect and impact.

Idea 1: Incorporate Obama and Bush Mask

Find two of your chapter's members to dress up in suits and dawn masks of President Bush or Obama.  This will grab attention of the students who pass by and also provide good footage for any media outlets which cover your event.

Click on the masks below to purchase one for your event, or search for more online:


Idea 2: Use the reverse side of your debt clock

Keeping with the theme of using "large visual displays" to attract attention to your table, use the reverse side of your debt display boards to spell out "O B A M A = B U S H."  Be sure to use the reverse side to keep your numbers intact for your next debt awareness event!


Idea 3: Bush announces he'll be running for his 4th term

Incorporate the theme of Obama's 2nd term really being a 4th term for Bush.  You can download this flyer and create other exciting ways to point out the similarities between our 43rd and 44th Presidents.

Idea 4: Build a Free Speech Wall

Erect a free speech wall in a prominent location on campus.  If you don't have the time or materials to build a large structure, consider using large sheets of construction paper on an existing wall.

Allow students to write comments about both Presidents Obama and Bush.


Enter YAL's "O=W" Contest!

As you carry out your events, whether you incorporate YAL's Presidential Policy Quiz or not, film your interactions with students, as they are shocked to learn just how much Obama and Bush have in common.

Then, create a two to three-minute long video (maybe even like the one at the top of this page), and submit it to YAL by Friday, May 6 to enter.  To submit your footage, post your video to YAL's national blog.

Here are the activism contest prizes:

  1. First place:  $300 activism grant
  2. Second place:  $200 activism grant
  3. Third place:  $100 activism grant

Remember, the activism contest deadline is Friday, May 6!  Begin planning your April All-Out Activism event today, and show the students that Obama equals Bush.

Obama = Bush

Thank you for taking part in Young Americans for Liberty's (YAL) Presidential Policy Questionnaire.  In 2008, voters asked for "hope" and "change."  Three years later, it's clear the only change we got was a new face pushing the same basic policies.

Whether it's bailouts, foreign intervention, or the erosion of our civil liberties, young people everywhere are beginning to realize that Obama is Bush 2.0.  Young voters didn't elect him to office in record numbers in 2008 for a third term for President Bush.

To educate yourself about the specific policies of both administrations -- not the campaign rhetoric -- please see the facts below.  If after you read everything you'd like to get involved, join YAL today: www.yaliberty.org/join

Presidential Policy Questionnaire


1. This President proposed a record-breaking budget to Congress of more than $3 trillion.


  • George Bush proposed a $3.1 trillion budget for FY 2009.  Source
  • Barack Obama proposed a $3.6 trillion budget for FY 2010.  Source
  • Barack Obama proposed a $3.69 trillion budget for FY 2011.  Source
  • Barack Obama proposed a $3.7 trillion budget for FY 2012.  Source


2. This President bailed out hundreds of large banks and corporations after receiving campaign contributions from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and J.P. Morgan Chase.


  • George Bush received a grand total of $1.4 million from these banks and bailed them out under the Troubled Assets and Relief Program in 2008.  Source
  • Barack Obama received a grand total of $2.9 million from these banks and bailed them out with a second round of TARP spending in 2009.  Source


3. This President authorized a multi-billion dollar stimulus spending package during a recession to jumpstart America’s economy.


  • George Bush authorized the multi-billion dollar Economic Stimulus Act in 2008 during a recession.  Source
  • Barack Obama authorized the multi-billion dollar American Reinvestment and Recovery Act in 2009 during the same recession.  Source


4. This President began an undeclared, unconstitutional war and led a coalition of more than 10 countries to launch military strikes against multiple nations in the Middle East.


  • George Bush launched Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq on March 19, 2003, without a Declaration of War from Congress.  Source
  • Barack Obama launched Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya on March 19, 2011, without even an authorization for the use of force -- let alone a Declaration of War -- from Congress.  Source
  • Both Presidents led (or continue to lead) military strikes in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Pakistan (although there's no official operation, American forces have launched aerial strikes using drones on numerous targets in Pakistan since 2004).


5. This President passed an expensive health care bill under the premise it would reduce long-term costs and the burden to taxpayers.


  • George Bush passed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act in 2003.  Source
  • Barack Obama passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010.  Source


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To connect with you local chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, visit our chapters page here: www.yaliberty.org/chapters

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