YAL National Staff

Full Time Staff

Jeff Frazee · Executive Director

Jeff served as National Youth Coordinator for Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee and worked exclusively with Congressman Paul to start the Campaign for Liberty and host the Rally for the Republic. Prior to the campaign, Jeff worked as a Deputy Campus Services Coordinator for the Leadership Institute and interned for Ron Paul's congressional office in the summer of 2005. He is a graduate of Texas A&M, Class of 2005, with a degree in Telecommunications & Media Studies and a minor in Political Science.

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Edward King
Edward King · Director of Programs & Operations

Edward worked for Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign as its National Youth Director, recruiting more than 125,000 young people and organizing more than 700 Youth for Ron Paul chapters in all 50 states. He organized the campaign's GOTV programs in six early primary and caucus states. He also managed Ron Paul's 33 on-campus campaign events, which drew more than 100,000 attendees in key states. Before the campaign, Edward served as YAL's National Field Director since its founding in 2008. He attended the University of Florida, where he graduated with a degree in Business in 2003. He has since dedicated himself to advancing liberty through political activism and campaign work.

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Ani DeGroot · Director of Elections

Ani DeGroot attended the University of Iowa, where she studied political science and economics. After learning about Ron Paul in 2007, Ani committed her time and talent to advancing liberty through education and the public policy process. She served as president of the University of Iowa YAL chapter and YAL's Iowa State Chair, and was one of the first paid staff members for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. She was later asked to manage Youth for Ron Paul — the official youth effort for the campaign — in the midwest, and she was ultimately promoted to Deputy National Youth Director. Ani joined YAL in May of 2012 as Director of Elections, a position which manages the YAL PAC and connects trained pro-liberty activists with candidates and campaigns. When she's not busy defending the Constitution, you can catch Ani scanning the cosmos from Iowa's corn fields in search of super massive black holes and other points of singularity — she's also a fan of the Helix Nebula and neutron stars.

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Joshua Parrish

Joshua Parrish · Southeast Regional Director

Joshua Parrish attended the University of Central Florida where he pursued a Bachelors in Pre-Clinical Health Sciences. He is the Co-Founder of the UCF Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty and the former Seminole County Campaign for Liberty coordinator. He has been a liberty activist since 2008 and specializes in political theater and satire.

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Brandon Cestrone · Northeast Regional Director

Brandon is a graduate of Slippery Rock University where he earned a master’s degree in history. While attending  SRU Brandon co-founded the Slippery Rock Young Americans for Liberty and ran the chapter as president from August 2011 until May 2012. He was also the State Chair for Pennsylvania. Outside of academics, Brandon has been a sales consultant for over five years and when he’s not spreading the message of liberty, you can find him reading about politics, health, and the laws of success.

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Lauren Elizabeth Evans · Central Regional Director

Lauren Elizabeth Evans is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida with a BA in Radio and Television Production. She is a native Floridian, who loves sunshine and her Central Florida Knights. Lauren’s interest in public policy was inherited from her mother but her passion for liberty was sparked through campus activism with her YAL chapter at UCF. Before join the YAL team full time, Lauren worked as the Audio Visual Production Assistant for the Cato Institute.

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Ryan Michie · West Regional Director

Ryan attended Northern Illinois University, where he founded a Young Americans for Liberty chapter.  Since then, Ryan has dedicated himself to advancing liberty through political activism, mobilizing & training grassroots activists, and working on campaigns.  He recently came off the campaign trail to join fellow liberty warriors at YAL. Ryan continues to advise liberty and conservative candidates in his home state of Illinois and Virginia.  In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors and playing with his pet cat, Bella. 

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Creighton Harrington · Midwest Regional Director

Creighton Harrington began his involvement in the liberty movement and Young Americans for Liberty back in 2009 at the tail end of Rep. Ron Paul's 2008 presidential run. He has since been a chapter officer at IUPUI, a state chair for Indiana, has taken part in various YAL national events, and, thanks to YAL, has even been able to help out on a couple campaigns. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing guitar, and visiting historical sites in DC and Virginia.

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Part Time Staff

Bonnie Kristian · Communications Consultant

Bonnie graduated from Bridgewater College of Virginia with a degree in political science after serving as an intern at the national headquarters of Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign.  Before joining YAL full time, she worked at the Leadership Institute as Communications Manager for LI's campus programs while managing the YAL blog. Bonnie is now enrolled in a master's degree program at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN, and expects to graduate in 2016.

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Piyali Bhattacharya · Development Executive

Piyali attended Case Western Reserve University, where she co-founded a Young Americans for Liberty chapter. While in school, she worked in a development role with the school's Office of Annual Giving and was a selected as a 2009 Koch Summer Fellow with the Institute for Humane Studies. Prior to joining the YAL national staff, she served as YAL's Ohio State Chair and Field Representative for the Leadership Institute.

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Justin Page Wood · Graphic Designer

Justin has his Bachelors in Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. He is an avid minimalist designer and runs a minimalist website design firm, plays piano and guitar, composing and recording his own solo piano music. Justin grew up in Southern Orange County and currently resides in Laguna Beach, California. 

Matt Holdridge
Matt Holdridge · Design Director

Matt holds an Associate of Science degree in Digital Media Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University. Matt is a long-time political activist who has worked with several local, state, and national groups. He currently serves as Director of Marketing for Campaign for Liberty and is a Managing Partner of ExchangePrinting.com and Exchange Marketing Group, LLC.


Shane Helm · Creative Director

Over the course of his storied career, Shane has produced work for clients as diverse as ESPN, Franklin Covey, Pepperdine University, Congressman Ron Paul, and The Dave Ramsey Show. His design work has been showcased on several online design galleries to critical praise. In 2008, Shane was prominently featured among other influential artists in The Web Designer’s Idea Book and has had worked published by Smashing Magazine. He currently works as Senior Graphic Designer for DaveRamsey.com and is co-founder and chief designer for www.SeenTh.at



Michael Fellner

Michael Fellner is originally from New Jersey and recently graduated from West Virginia University where he studied economics, business administration, and environmental economics. He joined the liberty movement after the financial crisis in 2008 and founded the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at WVU. His primary area of interest is the advancement of free-market environmentalism.


Derek Spicer

Derek graduated from North Carolina State University in 2012, where he earned a degree in Political Science with a concentration in American politics. Derek helped co-found and co-lead the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at NC State, where their first big event was to host Congressman Ron Paul and garnered a crowd of over 1,200. During his time at NC State, Derek helped rollback an unconstitutional speech code that earned him attention from the local press, and he made an appearance on the John Stossel show for his efforts. Beyond politics, Derek is a self-described nerd, a huge Star Wars fan, enjoys watching sports, and likes to play video games.


Nicholas Morpus

Nick was born and raised in western New York and moved to Delaware when he was 13. He now studies political sciences at Delaware State University. He joined the liberty movement right before the 2012 elections after discovering Ron Paul and since then has become an avid activist for the cause of liberty, including fighting gun control in his home state. Nick is the founder and first president of the DSU Young Americans for Liberty Chapter. He is also a member of the Delaware 9-12 Patriots, Campaign for Liberty, and the Delaware Libertarian Party. He is a big fan of Ron Paul, debating, public speaking, economics, and the best show ever.... Game of Thrones.


Elijah O'Kelley

Elijah currently attends the University of North Georgia where he founded a Young Americans for Liberty chapter in Fall 2013. He loves making fun of politicians, which they make very easy, and making videos to express the ideas of liberty. Elijah hopes to establish a career in politics by simplifying the language of complex issues into more understandable terms, allowing for more individuals to take an active interest in crucial political issues.